about us


We are proud Americans from Southeastern Massachusetts united in our wish to protect
our democracy and the vulnerable in our communities during an era of unprecedented threat and instability. 
We have identified areas of our special concern and have structured our organization as a series of “huddles,” each one concentrating on one of these areas. The website is organized around these areas as well, and contains resources for further action both at the local and national levels. 
The huddles that make up Marching Forward at this time are: 

* Political Action
* Healthcare and Women's Reproductive         Rights
* Protect our Democracy
* Immigration and Civil Rights
* Support Legitimate Journalism
* Environment and Climate Change

We look to collaborate with others in our region and nationwide in this effort. We are committed to working to elect candidates who will represent our vision of democracy and to show up, to speak out and to resist actions that we believe threaten our freedom and our fundamental beliefs.