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Hello Marching Forward Mass Activists,

Hoping you are enjoying some Summertime fun with family and friends. We have been restoring and regrouping to be ready for some special elections and then 2020.

Several of our leaders gathered together last week to finalize our strategies with the guidance of Peter Fenn, an experienced D.C. based Democratic Strategist and Summertime Westport, MA resident.

Overall MFM goals/timing are to :

  • Step out of BLUE MA as we did successfully for 2018 Mid terms

  • Target upcoming elections strategically (VA State legislature, Fall, 2019)

  • Defend and add to Congress, win Senate and Presidential races, flip State legislatures to defend against gerrymandering.

  • ME is our key State for all four targets (President, Senate, and ME02, Jared Golden, and the State legislature).

  • NJ 03 Andy Kim

  • Concentrate on Presidential Battleground State of PA in selected Districts

Short term, Fall 2019, we have narrowed our sights on Virginia as VA is one of only four states electing a legislature in 2019 and the only one that is flippable. We are connected with two activist groups in VA: NOPE Neighbors who are supporting twelve candidates ( and 31st St Swing Left ( supports six candidates. Candidates need funding early in a campaign's cycle and that timing is now. PLEASE check out candidates detailed on both sites and give to those who appeal to you. Sites have easy donation buttons and recap of campaigns and candidates. For general overview on VA status check out

Additional tactics for VA contests will be coordinated with campaigns for post Labor Day actions. Tactics will include Post carding (We are so good at this!), social media sharing/tracking and canvassing for those who want to join us in VA.

Our leader Nancy Train Smith will host a group meeting on August 29, 6-7:30 PM 17 Wadsworth Ln, South Dartmouth, when we will discuss Fall 2019 VA actions and an overview of 2020 plans for execution. In mid October we will host a launch event detailing our longer range plans with team leaders announced and sign ups ready. Know that all actions count -- from postcard writing, to fundraising, to spreading candidates messages to knocking on doors in Districts -- it takes all of this to affect political change. We know it, We have done it, and we are ready to go.

Let’s make 2016 a distant memory.

Pattie Garrahy

what we accomplished in 2018

Our pragmatic approach to the 2018 mid-term elections was to help flip the U.S. House blue.  We used an analytical tool to assess seats which seemed possible to flip and were within driving distance to our South Coast activists. Our volunteer efforts went to three candidates who subsequently won:  Mikie Sherrill, PA 11; Andy Kim, PA 03; and Jared Golden ME 02. 

While some volunteers actually went to the districts to help, some repeatedly, others lent a hand with postcard writing, fundraising and phone call or texting support.  Our plan for 2020 is two-fold: 1.  help register new voters in designated states near enough to get to and 2.  support in many ways the eventual candidate.  Resistance requires action of all sorts.

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US at a level of involvement that YOU choose -  

Actions will range from writing postcards, texting and phone bank gatherings in the comfort of your own home, community centers, and cafes, to traveling to districts to participate in canvassing, voter registration and community camaraderie with like-minded activists. Many of us have worked on campaigns outside our home states – it’s FUN, engaging and a true bonding experience.

JOIN A TEAM by emailing us at:
Let us know which team or teams you'd like to join.