Local Action - Where to go, What to do

Local Action

There’s lots that we can do locally in this final week before the election.
Here’s contact information for two key organizers, along with more specifics below. Canvassing, phone calling, are much needed. Also, call if you want to volunteer to drive people to the polls, etc.

Shannon Morrell - local coordinator for all Democratic candidates

Lisa Lemieux - Vice Chair of the New Bedford Democratic Committee


Huge kudos to all of our Adopt A Candidate activists for their phone calling, letter writing, and canvassing on behalf of our chosen candidates in Maine, New York, and New Jersey!

There is also much that we can do to help locally. Please consider pitching in for a few hours or a few days, right here close to home.

Shannon Morrell is the local coordinator for all the Democratic candidates. She will enthusiastically welcome all who want to help. Their focus is on Get Out The Vote canvassing and phone banking.

To volunteer, contact Shannon at 508-971-6790, or smorrell@massdems.org Or sign up online for a canvassing or phonebanking shift here: GOTV SHIFTS


Here’s what Shannon has to say:

“For GOTV from November 3-5 we will have canvassing shifts at 10 am, 1pm and 4pm, and phonebanking shifts at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm.

 On election day November 6th we have CANVASSING shifts at 7am (for a special silent knock/doorhanging shift), 9am, 11am, 2pm, or 4:30 pm. 

PHONEBANKING shifts will be 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 530pm. 

dear neighbor please vote.png

The link provided below allows you to sign up for whatever shifts work best. We really need the help - with canvassing as priority. All shifts are three hours long and we encourage folks to sign up for three or more. 


This work can't be done without the help of volunteers, and with how incredibly important this election is, we can't take anything for granted.”

Representative Tony Cabral is State Rep for the New Bedford area, and is running for re-election. Here’s how you can support him.

Pre-Election Day Standout Schedule:

Thursday, November 1st
4pm to 6pm
Corner of Kempton Street & Rockdale Avenue

Saturday, November 3rd
10am to 12pm
Corner of Hawthorn Street & Rockdale Avenue

Monday, November 5th
4pm to 6pm
Corner of Rivet Street & County Street

Tuesday, November 6th
7am to 8pm, 2 hour shifts
Polling Locations across district

As we move into the final week of the campaign, WE NEED YOU!
Please come to one of our standouts and volunteer to hold signs at a polling location on Election Day. We want to make sure we reached everyone in the district.

If you would like to sign-up  or have questions, please send a message to 
reptonycabral@gmail.com. I wouldn't be able to do this without your assistance and support.

Thank you,


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Maine, New York, Early Voting

Early Voting in MA

You can cast your ballot early. Here’s the information for Dartmouth.

Where: Town Hall, 400 Slocum Road
When: Now through November 2
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30

Check here for information on locations and times for other towns.

Look here for information on casting and ABSENTEE ballot.

According to the Cook Political Report, all four of our candidates have a shot at winning their races. Mikie Sherrill ranks strongest, at “Likely Democratic”. Both Andy Kim and Jared Golden are in the “Toss Up” category. They rank Perry Gershon’s race as “Likely Republican”. Practically speaking, this means that all of these candidates can use whatever help, financial or otherwise, that we can offer. NOW is the time to act if you want to help one or more of these candidates.

Thank You!

Mikie Sherrill for Congress
Andy Kim for Congress
Perry Gershon for Congress
Jared Golden for Congress

Golden logo.png

Jared Golden for Congress

Team Jared Golden in Maine

Some members of Team Golden have been in Maine almost continually since early September. Needless to say, they’ve been very involved with the Jared Golden campaign and with Maine Democratic Office, both in Ellsworth.

Do you want to help with the final crucial effort in Maine? Accommodations are available.
Contact our AAC Team Golden at: strength@marchingforwardmass.com

  At the Jared Golden office in Ellsworth, Maine. From left: Bess Coughlin, Katie White, Bettina Borders, Bob Truslow, Jackie Merrill (Maine Dems coordinator in Ellsworth), Carole Ferguson

At the Jared Golden office in Ellsworth, Maine. From left: Bess Coughlin, Katie White, Bettina Borders, Bob Truslow, Jackie Merrill (Maine Dems coordinator in Ellsworth), Carole Ferguson

Here’s an update from Vic Mailey:

  Vic and Bess preparing canvassing materials.

Vic and Bess preparing canvassing materials.

“Greetings, SouthCoasters!

The Jared Golden campaign steams ahead with a number of positive turns.  President Obama and the Bangor Daily News have both endorsed Jared.  B.D.N. endorsed Bruce Poliquin two years ago; but, now it says, the "district deserves a representative who better reflects its needs and values.  Jared ... would be that representative."

In addition, Roll Call, a political newspaper, has named Poliquin as the 10th most vulnerable GOP congressman--for the first time jumping into the top 10.

Throughout October, SouthCoast MFMers have had a solid impact in Hancock County and in Oxford County.  We have knocked on well over 2,000 doors and have had scores of good conversations with folks in their kitchens and on their stoops and decks.  We have made canvassing forays into Penobscot County (Bangor) and into Washington County (Cherryfield). 

Between fabulous feasts at our evening enclaves and hikes through the surrounding beauty, there's been considerable work in cars, on phones, and at writing tables.  It has been fun and exhausting.

Now, though, comes the crunch.  Another week or so of persuasive canvassing, then the major GOTV campaign for the final days.  There is room here for more worker bees!  Drivers, canvassers, gofers.

For turning ME02 Blue, every vote counts!  For turning the governor's office Blue, every vote counts!  For turning the state legislature Blue, every vote counts!”

  Comparing notes after a full day of canvassing.

Comparing notes after a full day of canvassing.

gershon logo.png

Perry Gershon for Congress

Barbara Trecker from Team Perry Gershon writes:

“Perry Gershon, Democratic challenger for the House in NY01, has just been endorsed by the New York Times. The Times noted that Gershon “supports Medicare for All and has backed the Affordable Care Act, which the Republican incumbent, Lee Zeldin, voted to gut.” Gershon is also for sensible immigration reform and backs protection for Dreamers.

Zeldin has “enthusiastically backed Mr. Trump,” the Times notes, and has also campaigned with far-right former Trump aides Sebastian Gorka and Steve Brannon.

“For his legislative good sense and opposition to Trumpian excess, Mr. Gershon is worthy of voters’ support,” the Times concludes.

Marching Forward has supported the Gershon campaign by writing 2000 post cards, and we’re all pulling for him in a very tight race.”

From the New York Times:

Like most campaigns this fall, this one has focused on what Congress can do, not what the White House has done. Perry Gershon, the Democrat, supports Medicare for All and has backed the Affordable Care Act, which the Republican incumbent, Representative Lee Zeldin, voted to gut. Mr. Gershon, who wants to discuss sensible restrictions on immigration, has backed protection for DREAMers without other stipulations, unlike Mr. Zeldin. Mr. Zeldin supports withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, which could have dire consequences for district with miles of coastline.

But the president has had a cameo part in the race. Mr. Gershon has provocatively said he was inspired to run by seeing parallels between Hitler’s rise and Mr. Trump’s rise while visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. Mr. Zeldin, who has enthusiastically backed Mr. Trump, kicked off his re-election campaign at an event with Sebastian Gorka, a far-right former Trump aide who has worn a pin from a Hungarian group founded by Nazis. That group has claimed Mr. Gorka as a member, although he denies it. Mr. Zeldin has also had a fundraiser with Steve Bannon, another former Trump aide, who has been connected with some of the most extreme right-wing groups in Europe and the United States.  

For his legislative good sense and opposition to Trumpian excess, Mr. Gershon is worthy of voters’ support.

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Canvassing, Videos

Interested in Canvassing for a Candidate?

canvassing 101.png

Thinking about canvassing for a Congressional candidate...but never done it before and not sure what to expect? On October 15, 7:00-8:30pm, three "veterans" will share their recent experience knocking on doors for Jared Golden in Maine: Bess Coughlin, Carole Ferguson and Pattie Garrahy. While this meeting is hosted by Team Andy Kim (NJ3), anyone and everyone who's thinking about canvassing for any candidate is encouraged to attend.

Monday, October 15

55 School Street
South Dartmouth
(Terry Cryan’s house)
There will be snacks, desserts, coffee, tea and wine. 

Questions? Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com

your vote is your voice.jpg

Here are three great Get Out The Vote videos. Share them all. “Don’t Vote” is a good one to send along to anyone under 35!

Michelle Obama is inspiring in this clip from Daily Action’s Facebook page.

Don’t Vote: A Knock the Vote PSA. Edgy, funny - and it’s truth may make you squirm. Let’s hope it inspires Millennials to Vote! Created by Andreas Burgess (husband of Sadia Shepard) and his team.

Save The Country. Bryan Mcpeak, a good friend of Pattie’s, created this together with his daughter, editor and collaborators. Thanks to them all for this uplifting and timely gift!! …And for those of us who are Laura Nyro fans, it’s a sweet little trip down memory lane…

No blog next week, your blog creator will be in Maine, canvassing for Jared Golden.

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Do What You Can

Heating Up

As I write this, we are 5 weeks from the November 6 election. That’s a lifetime for a political campaign. But for us, it means that there’s precious little time to help our chosen candidates.

election image.jpg

Now is the time to act!!

Read on for updates on what our Adopt A Candidate teams are doing now. Think about how you can contribute. Whatever you can do - large or small - THANK YOU!

Ways to Help

Simply put, campaigns run with a few paid hands, lots of volunteers, and lots money. All of our chosen candidates have a shot at winning their races. None are a sure thing. If you’re thinking of contributing money to any or all candidates, now’s the time. Here are links to their web sites, all of which have clear, easy to use “Donate” links.

Andy Kim for Congress.
Jared Golden for Congress.
Perry Gershon for Congress.
Mikie Sherrill for Congress.
Paul Feeney for MA State Senate.
Bill Keating for Congress.

Postcards. Team Perry Gershon has led the way on postcards. Now we’re reaching out to the other campaigns to offer similar help. Stay tuned!

Speaking of postcards, at the end of this post is an email from PostcardsToVoters.org. Several of us have been writing cards with them along with our Adopt A Candidate efforts. The email is a call for more volunteers. Sign up on your own at: postcards@TonyTheDemocrat.org with ‘join’ as the subject, or email me at: strength@marchingforwardmass.com. I can get you started with everything you need.

And let’s not forget our local races! Congressman Bill Keating is facing a tough and well financed challenger in Peter Tedeschi. And some of you may remember Paul Feeney, who spoke at one of our early meetings. He won his special election, and is now up for re-election.

Andy Kim for Congress.jpg

Meeting for Andy Kim

Join us:
Monday, October 15

55 School Street
South Dartmouth
(Terry Cryan’s house)
There will be snacks, desserts, coffee, tea and wine. 

Questions? Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com

Andy Kim for Congress.

Just to get us fired up:   Flyers supporting the incumbent Tom MacArthur have featured a photo of Andy Kim in a Chinese restaurant-type setting , with the headline: “Not one of us.”  To quote a certain someone ….”SAD.” (FYI - Kim was a born and raised in the USA of Korean born parents)

Words of wisdom from Adam Schiff

Team Kim leader Mary Boger had the opportunity to hear Congressman Adam Schiff speak recently. Here’s what she had to say.
”I had the pleasure of meeting with Congressman Adam Schiff this week.  He spoke to a group of supporters and had some very pertinent views on the November election. 
We all know the importance of winning, but he pointed out the greater importance of not losing.  I will do my best to paraphrase what he told us.
If we are not successful we will further empower the politics of the far right. If we do not win we will also be empowering the current occupant of the White House.  
Our victories can send a message to Republicans who remain in office to stand up and be counted for their country, not their party.  It may help them to be freed of the mind set that they cannot win without kowtowing to the far right.
If we lose, we lower the enthusiasm of all those who are now striving to change the  face of the political discourse in our nation.  Especially the young and those who have stepped into this amazing melee of politics for the first time.
We must pour our blood, sweat, tears, money, energy, and time into each campaign.  We must win.  We must return our country to its time honored place in the world. Win and we not only empower women and men across this country, but tens of thousands more around the world who look to us for rational, reasonable, and humane leadership.
So let’s all look at our budgets again and see if we can part with another $10, $20, $50 or $100 contribution to our candidates.   Create the time to be there the week, or at the very least, the weekend before the election.  Its time to March Forward Massachusetts!!  Let’s get this job done!!”
Mary Boger

Golden logo.png

Jared Golden

ME 02, which Jared Golden is working hard to win from incumbent Bruce Poliquin, is a very large district. “Boots on the ground” is key to his strategy. Team Golden leaders Bess Coughlin, Vic Mailey and many others are in Maine working for Golden’s campaign. They plan to be there for the rest of October and through the election. They cordially invite any and all to join them. Free accommodations are available. Check your calendars, and get in touch with Vic.
Email Vic at: strength@marchingforwardmass.com for more information.

  Hosts Betty LaStaiti and Edward Dufresne (back left) with Team Golden members Vic Mailey, Bettina Borders, Bess Coughlin, and unnamed emotional support dog…

Hosts Betty LaStaiti and Edward Dufresne (back left) with Team Golden members Vic Mailey, Bettina Borders, Bess Coughlin, and unnamed emotional support dog…

From Team Golden:
”Many thanks to our wonderful hosts, Betty LaStaiti and Edward Dufresne, for hosting us at their Penobscot home this week as we knocked on doors in Bucksport and Orland, finding many Jared Golden supporters and Bruce Poliquin foes.
Now, on to Sorrento and more work in the eastern towns. Perhaps a return to Betty and Edward's  to help nail down the Blue Hill peninsula.
Reinforcements coming in today with Carole Ferguson!
All of us working to turn ME02 Blue!”

“Hi Bess.

Good work, you guys! And I gather that Vic is going to be in Maine for the duration!  I’m up in Lovell now with two sets of voter lists to work on around my home town. Yesterday I had far too many “not home”s but we’re going out again Sunday PM. (My sister drives me and stays in the car reading (she’s 87); our coordinator says going to the door alone is the best.)    People I have met are all polite. My favorite was the gentleman who was at home while the two women on my list, were away. He said he has always been a  registered Republican but no more. He was going to vote straight democrat from now on, just like his wife and daughter. I got one absentee voter signed up. The coordinator will drive up from Raymond Monday to pick it up and make sure a ballot is sent to him.   I have an app on my iphone where I enter the results. It looks like an offshoot of hubdialer.  We both enjoyed the day visiting and poking around unknown roads. We’ll go again Sunday. 
This is fun! If you can’t outspend the Kochs you can be one of the little drops of water who go knock on the door and give the voter the chance to talk. We all know what little drops of water can do when they get together!”

Betsy Powel

gershon logo.png

Postcarding for Perry

  Postcarding for Perry. Get Out the Vote reminders to registered Democrats can really help a campaign!

Postcarding for Perry. Get Out the Vote reminders to registered Democrats can really help a campaign!

Team Gershon sure knows how to turn out the volunteers! In one evening they managed to write close to 1,000 ‘Remember to Vote’ postcards for the Gershon campaign.

They’ve received huge thanks from the campaign, and inspired us to reach out to the other campaigns to see if we might do the same for them!

postcard stamp.jpg

An update from Postcards to Voters

Hello Postcards to Voters Volunteers!

We have been busy, busy, busy lately. Now that the mid-terms have kicked into gear, we’ve already launched 6 campaigns (for candidates in 5 states) since Labor Day!

For those six campaigns, you have written to 301,164 addresses!  That’s an average of 14,341 addresses A DAY.  You are amazing!

Media is picking up on this with a television newscast on NY1, an in-depth radio segment on WNYC, and I’ve been interviewed about our grassroots effort for stories that are coming out soon in major national publications.  Campaigns are reaching out to us every day.  New coalition groups are also asking how they can help.  We all knew this would be a busy time for us and it certainly has been.

We welcome over 100 new volunteer writers nearly each day.  Past writers who may have taken some months off are reaching back out to help again.  All told, we now have over 25,000 volunteers signed up and friends of theirs writing with us.  At this time last year, we had fewer than 5,000 volunteers.  That’s a lot of growth.

Person-to-person recruitment is effective, and we need to double our size to help all the campaigns waiting patiently in line.

Postcards to Voters now has 6 fun, volunteer-drawn postcard designs sold in sets of 50 and 100.  All proceeds go to offsetting our operating expenses.  You can buy our cards here.

I want to encourage and thank you for all you’ve done with Postcards to Voters.  Everyone who is a witness to our achievements together is in awe of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time.  And, frankly, on such a small budget.

Plus, we are not going to stop when the mid-terms are over.  There is always an election going on somewhere.  And ways we can help voters overcome barriers to voting such as the postcarding we did to remind Florida voters how to sign up to get Vote-at-Home ballots.  We already have an important Special Election immediately after the mid-terms, in fact.

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Notes From The Field(s)

Our teams are working hard - some close to home, others in their adopted districts. There are ample opportunities for everyone to chip in - with time, treasure, or both. Please participate! This is important! And thank you. Questions about any event or activity? Your query will be forwarded to the appropriate people. Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com

Postcards for Perry

Team Perry Gershon will be writing postcards Thursday, September 27, and you’re invited!

gershon postcard.jpg

Join us:
Thursday, September 27
6:30 to 8:30 pm
115 Russell’s Mills Road
South Dartmouth
(Susan Kehoe’s house)
There will be snacks, desserts, coffee, tea and wine. 

Questions? Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com

Contribute to Perry Gershon for Congress here.

News from Team Jared Golden

Maine 02 is a huge district, and Jared Golden’s campaign can use all the volunteers it gets!
Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com - you will promptly be put in touch with Bess and Vic, the team leaders for Maine 02.

Here are notes from Rick Schnure, Vic Mailey and Bess Coughlin, AAC Team Leaders for Maine 02

From Rick: “The only congressional district in New England that has been Republican is Maine 02 which covers all of Maine except the southern coast. Jared Golden is given a good chance to unseat the incumbent Republican Bruce Poliquin.

 The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting Poliquin and added Golden to their "Red to Blue" program. Golden, a United States Marine Corps veteran, and state legislator is running with the support of VoteVets.org, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and several labor union endorsements.

The Republican-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved $2.8 million in airtime to support Poliquin in his re-election bid. Poliquin also received $1 million in support from the America First Action super PAC, an organization "dedicated to electing federal candidates who support the agenda of the Trump-Pence administration."

Poliquin won by only 33,797 votes in the last election  Obama won by a similar amount in 2012

Cook Political Report and Sabato's Crystal Ball rated the general election a “toss-up," while Inside Elections rated it "lean Republican."

 This is an election we can influence!!” Want to donate to Golden’s campaign?
Contribute directly to Golden’s campaign here.

Jared speaking.jpg

From Vic: ”Jared Golden recently spoke in Ellsworth to more than 100 enthusiastic Mainers. He flew in just a little late after walking the line and chatting with union folks from north of Waterville.

Jared addressed a wide range of topics and answered a load of questions. His main emphasis remains health care--the necessity to expand the Medicaid program in Maine and to get the ball rolling on Medicare for All by dropping the enrollment age into the 50s.

There was generous applause on just about every topic and lots of good energy. Jared is just an excellent articulate and plainspoken guy.

  Vic Mailey with Jared Golden and campaign staffer

Vic Mailey with Jared Golden and campaign staffer

It was an honor meeting him.

Let's get this done! All of us in our own way.”

From Bess:
”Hello All!

Accommodations are available for all who want to canvas in Hancock County, Maine, from now through the election. Many thanks to Vic for making this happen!
Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com to contact Vic or Bess for more information.

Vic has just completed eight days of straight out canvassing, and I have just finished six.  We are meeting and talking to all kinds of people.  For the most part we are doing rural canvassing.  Which means we are doing a lot of driving, driving from door to door, not walking.  I feel we are making a difference, mostly with those individuals who had intended not to vote, but after a conversation with us, consider it would be important for them to vote.  Otherwise, we are educating those who intend to vote, but haven't been paying attention, getting cheered on by die hard Dems, and being given the 'No thanks,' from Trumpers.  Everyone, thus far, has been civil. 

The political ads have been heating up, with some pretty ugly, underhanded anti-Golden ones.  The worst are funded by the Congressional Leadership Fund, whose aim is to maintain Republican control of the house.  The CLF has allocated 3.1 million to this race!  They are afraid of Golden.  Also, Donald Trump, JR. is coming to Portland for an October 1st fundraising event.  I don't know how we can compete with 3.1 million, or JR, but if you have some extra change, you can donate directly to Golden through ActBlue.

Let's make a difference for Jared Golden and ME 02!”


Do you want to help Team Andy Kim?
Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com and you will be connected to the team leaders.

From Terry and Mary: “Great news from the Andy Kim Campaign: Andy is up by a point -- unheard of in his solidly red district!!! Those of us who met him at a breakfast here in Dartmouth just a few months ago are not surprised; Andy is an outstanding candidate.

He is running against a multi-millionaire, Tom MacArthur, who has been supported by none other than the budget wizard Paul Ryan.  Ryan came to host a fund raiser for MacArthur, the author of an amendment to the Republican bill to take insurance away from people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Andy needs us to help him get the vote out and he needs money.  His ads are having an impact on the race and he needs to keep them on the air.  Please consider
donating directly to Andy Kim for Congress here.

And let us know if you want to go to New Jersey and get out the vote.  Road Trip!!!  We promise to make it fun!!”

Pending further instructions from the Kim campaign, the team plans to drive down Friday before election, 11/2.  Work like crazy during the day Saturday, Sunday & Monday and return Monday evening 11/5. More details to follow on the specific location and accommodations.
Interested? Questions? Email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com

Mary Boger and Terry Cryan
Team Andy Kim - NJ 03

  Andy Kim at a Marching Forward event, May, 2018

Andy Kim at a Marching Forward event, May, 2018


  Members of our AAC Team Sherrill with the candidate

Members of our AAC Team Sherrill with the candidate

  Well deserved respite after a day of knocking on doors

Well deserved respite after a day of knocking on doors

As I write this, members of Team Mikie on in New Jersey, canvassing, registering voters, and generally doing whatever the Sherrill Campaign needs help with.

After this week of on-the-ground work, they plan to return to New Jersey in early November. All are welcome to join them!!

Oh, and it seems they’re having some fun too!

Contribute directly to Sherrill’s campaign here.

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