Wow, what an inaugural year we had forming, engaging, activating.  We marched, wrote, demanded change, called, testified, learned from local, national political activists and our local and U.S. Representatives.  Importantly, we have formed Huddles that are deeply engaged around causes and actions.  All of our work is highlighted , tracked and illuminated on our resource site - www.marchingforwardmass.com.

@MountainFilm #mountainfilmtour

@MountainFilm #mountainfilmtour

We kick off this 'school year' with an event initiated and planned by our Environment Huddle, led by Susan Sargent and a great team of activists.  The Mountain Film Festival (https://www.mountainfilm.org/tour/stops/mountainfilm-on-tour-new-bedford-ma-2017) is coming to New Bedford THIS SATURDAY October 28.  The connection to the Environment and 'awareness' is clear as the film shirts focus on environmental issues, extreme adventures in nature and the importance of protecting our valued resources. The Festival, from Telluride, will be held at The Whaling Museum and tickets are selling fast.

Go to (https://store.whalingmuseum.org/products/film-festival) to get tix today for Children's and Adult features.



On November 8th, from 6:15pm to 7:45pm, our Healthcare Huddle hosts Michael Rocha, MD, cardiologist and community speaker on a wide variety of wellness and illness issues, in collaboration with Marching Forward will be on hand to speak briefly and answer your questions on healthcare as part of the Lown Institute's Right Care Action Week. He explains: "We need to explore ways to provide health equity. 20% of GDP is going to health care which is over 3 trillion dollars and we aren't getting the return on investment. People can't afford premiums, deductibles are going up, and we aren't getting healthier as a nation. We need to understand why. We need to do something about it. This is not about politics, this is not about profit, this is about people. This is about the people that I see as a doctor. We as physicians have an oath and an obligation to be part of the discussion on how to improve the health of our community and the health of our nation. Join me on Nov 8 for the conversation."

Join us for a discussion and exploration of Healthcare for All. What healthcare systems would you prefer to see implemented? 

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Future Events

In December we will host a meeting to review, discuss and form groups around three key strategic missions for 2018 Political Actions.  We plan to focus our energies and actions toward 2018 elections both locally, regionally and nationally.  If you would like to join us now as we develop strategies and tactics, please visit our Join Us page.

If you are a member of Marching Forward Mass, please connect with us as we rally our passionate activists around key progressive issues and actions.  If you want to introduce friends, family, colleagues, neighbors to our group as do many of you, share this website link with them, and ask that they press the 'Join Us' at the top of this page or the above button.  We will be in touch.

See you all on October 28 and November 7!

All my best, Pattie Garrahy-Robertson