July 18

Planning meeting for Representative Keating Forum

We are busy planning for the Rep Bill Keating Forum in August.  To that end, we have invited many groups within Rep Keating's congressional district to join us in sponsoring and organizing this event.

You're invited to join us in a planning session on Wednesday, July 19 at 5:30 at Not Your Average Joe's, State Rd, Dartmouth.  Please reply to strength@marchingforwardmass.com if you plan to attend.

New content on the website

The Protect our Democracy huddle has added a link to LawfareBlog.  Check it out, and subscribe (free) if you find their commentary compelling. 

Other News and Commentary this week

The Health Bill's Failure: Resistance Works.  New York Times. Thank you David Leonhardt for highlighting the efforts of resistance groups in Kansas in particular, but also all over the country. And the effect they (WE!) are having.  

This Country Deserves much better than Trump. Washington Post

Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from citizens. Washington Post.  Forfeiture laws are out of control.  Obama tried to limit some forms of the abuse.  Jeff Sessions wants to reverse that.  

Can you identify the doctored photos?  Washington Post.