August 1, 2017

Congressman Bill Keating Forum

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
6:00 - 7:00

Press releases are prepared, and announcements have been sent to our sister organizations in the region for the forum with our Congressman, Bill Keating.  
Please note that the location has changed.  Have a look at Mr Keating's postiions on his web site, and come with questions!  

Political Action Huddle meeting

Wednesday, August 2
5:00 PM
291 Elm St, South Dartmouth

You're invited to join the August Political Action meeting. On the agenda: Planning a voter registration drive, and the Congressman Keating forum.
Please join us if you have an interest in political action. 


new on the website


From the Environmental Huddle:

An encouraging article from the New Bedford Standard Times that highlights positive local action on climate change.

The Telluride Mountain Film Festival is coming to New Bedford, thanks to our Environmental Huddle!  Follow on Facebook  for ongoing information. 


on healthcare and indivisible

Take a read of this great column by David Leonhardt of the New York Times. He gives a huge shout out to Indivisible and people all over the country who are working hard for the causes they believe in.  On a perfect summer day, it encourages this writer to stay involved.  Complacency and inattention are equivalent to acceptance. 

from the democracy huddle

Most of us have surely seen or heard about the President's speech to the Boy Scout Jamboree.  This article by a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School details how powerfully such a speech can affect boys - and girls - of scouting age. 

Here's a good article from Dahlia Lithwick at Slate: 
"The rule of law is precisely as robust as our willingness to fight for it."

And an interview with Yale historian Timothy Snyder by Chauncey Devega at Salon, on the basic fragility of democracies and the ease with which they are overthrown.  Witness recent events in Venezuela, Turkey, Hungary.

from indivisible

indivisible has launched an Electoral Strategy.  Their focus on specific issues remains, with a new and much needed effort to win seats in upcoming Senate and House elections.  

Your 5 weekly Indivisible to-dos

  1. Celebrate! We got a huge win on TrumpCare last week because of your local pressure. It may or may not be dead for good, but regardless—have a drink, give a hug, and reflect on how much power you have. Yes, we should stay vigilant—and we will—but take time to recognize this success.
  2. Accountability on TrumpCare. 49 senators voted last week to take away health care from millions of Americans, and 51 voted to protect it. They need some direct feedback from you. Here are sample call scripts for your senators. Plus, if you get a chance to talk to your representative during the August Recess, make sure they know you expect them to reject any Senate version of TrumpCare using our August recess town hall questions.
  3. Oppose these nominations. Tell your senators to oppose the nomination of Kevin Newsom for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Alabama. As noted in this Politico article, Newsom is part of Trump’s broader attacks on civil rights. The vote is expected today at 5:30pm ET.
  4. These 3 senators voted for TrumpCare, so help us end their careers. Check out our new IndivisiBlog from Political Director María Urbina outlining our new political program, and help us defeat Senators Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, and Ted Cruz. These 3 all voted in favor of TrumpCare and are up for re-election in 2018. If you can, help us build up our new state campaigns here.

Dear Indivisibles,

Last week’s TrumpCare win was because of you. Last week was an incredible testament to the work you all have done together on TrumpCare. The combined political might of the President of the United States and the Senate Majority leader was no match for you showing up on your home turf. It was an awe-inspiring demonstration of your constituent power, and an incredible testament to the work you’ve all done together to get us to this place.

The House has begun its month-long district work period, known as August Recess.

But just before leaving, Paul Ryan had given himself same-day authority to pass “Skinny Repeal,” anticipating that the Senate would succeed in passing it and immediately send it over to the House. Your representative needs to hear from you that you do not want them voting for TrumpCare. Here’s a new script to get you started.

Senate Republicans may still make another attempt to pass TrumpCare. Senators are shell-shocked from the failed TrumpCare votes last week, but they are exploring ways to move forward. The Senate took votes on three different versions of TrumpCare last week, and each was defeated. But nothing prevents Mitch McConnell from trying to bring a fourth version of a bill for another vote—that is, nothing except you. Stay vigilant. Thank your senators who voted against TrumpCare; hold those who voted for it accountable. Here’s a script to use when talking to your senators.

These 3 senators voted for TrumpCare. Let’s end their political careers.

It’s time for electoral retribution. Look, we’ve been reasonable up until now. We’ve steadily pressured our senators to do the right thing. But at some point, reasonable people have to conclude that their representatives are no longer actually representing them. At some point, we have to say enough is enough. For Indivisible, that point has come (read more about this on our new blog from Indivisible Political Director María Urbina).

The Republican senators who attempted (and failed!) to pass TrumpCare made their choice: they sold their constituents out to stand with Trump. It’s time for us to make our choice: let’s kick them out of office. We need your help to accomplish this.

Our plan to pay back 3 pro-TrumpCare senators. Democrats currently have 48 Senate seats. If they pick up 3 Senate seats, they retake the Senate. And if they retake the Senate, all bets are off for this Administration and its incredibly cruel agenda.

So in response to this historic catastrophe of a health care vote, we are launching a new campaign to defeat 3 key vulnerable pro-TrumpCare senators who are up for re-election in 2018:

The plan starts now. We are setting up accounts to raise funds for these 3 states through the 2018 elections. To build the foundation for these campaigns RIGHT NOW, we are raising seed funding of $50,000 for each of these accounts, with a goal of $100,000 over the next month. If we are able to fund these accounts, we will be able to put in place the right staff and resources for 2018:

  1. State campaign director. To transform constituent power into electoral power, we will hire state directors in each of Nevada, Arizona, and Texas to coordinate Indivisible activity and support the local groups.
  2. Voter file access in the state. One crucial tool that Indivisible groups lack is the “voter file,” which is an absolutely necessary (but expensive) tool to effectively target outreach to specific households.
  3. Call and texting outreach tools for local groups. We will purchase and provide calling and texting tools that Indivisible groups can use to contact and mobilize voters across the state.

Help local Indivisible groups pay back these senators for what they’re doing to our country. 

This is how we start building local infrastructure NOW to defeat these three senators. If we wait, they won’t get the message that we’ve seen their vote on TrumpCare and we’re holding them accountable. If we start now, we will win.

In solidarity,

The Indivisible Team

P.S. Don’t forget that TrumpCare was defeated with local constituent power in every state in the country:

The defeat of TrumpCare was won in Maine when Indivisible groups traveled hours across the state to visit every one of Senator Susan Collins’s offices, and kept up the positive reinforcement after she said yes.

It was won in Alaska, where the groups worked with partners and turned out from Wasilla to Anchorage, again and again, and gave Sen. Lisa Murkowski the political cover she needed to do the right thing.

It was won in Arizona… in 110 degree weather... where Indivisible groups turned out 100 people on 24 hours notice to Sen. John McCain’s office in Tucson the day before the vote, asking him to be a hero.

It was won in every state, every congressional district, and every corner of this great nation... because this was a win made up of the work of every group and hundreds of thousands of people. Last week, your relentless force from every corner of the country made this win possible. This took all of us.

There are more fights to come. Zombie TrumpCare could be back in the not-too-distant future. But this was a huge win. And every single one of you owns it.