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Marching Forward

Invitation to the Political Action Huddle Meeting

The Political Action Huddle will hold an organizational meeting on Thursday October 5, at 5:30. The location is not yet decided.  Please join us at this meeting where we will develop strategies for 2018 and organize into groups for specific activities.  A voter registration drive is already being planned.  We have many other ideas, and look forward to discussing them on October 5.  We welcome your involvement!

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to strength@marchingforwardmass.com.  

The Senate Republicans are once again trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Call your Members of Congress, and contact your friends in other states to ask them to do the same.  

Mountainfilm Festival on Tour in New Bedford

Organized by our intrepid Environmental Huddle, and co-sponsored by the New Bedford Whaling Museum and the Buzzards Bay Coalition, this world renowned film festival is coming to the New Bedford Whaling Museum Saturday October 28. More information and tickets. 

Articles from the journalism, Political Action and Budget and Tax Policy Huddles

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Your weekly Indivisible to-dos:

  1. STOP THE RETURN OF TRUMPCARE.  TrumpCare is back and Republicans are as close as they’ve ever been to passing it. There are 12 days left for the Senate to ram healthcare through reconciliation with just 50 votes. This is TrumpCare’s last stand. Call your senators ASAP and tell them to vote no on “Graham-Cassidy” using all the latest resources at TrumpCareTen.org.
  2. Don’t let Trump use fear to trample on civil liberties. We stand in solidarity with those impacted by the horrific acts of violence in London. We also condemn Trump’s knee-jerk rhetoric and irresponsible exploitation of this moment to promote expanding his bigoted Muslim ban. Find out what you can do to resist the Muslim ban at nomuslimbanever.com.
  3. Continue pressuring MoCs for a clean DREAM Act. Democratic Leaders Pelosi and Schumer continue to cultivate their cozy relationship with Trump. Last week, they announced a deal (to make a deal) on the DREAM Act with Trump. Contact your MoCs and use our call scripts to tell them that you want to see a “clean” DREAM Act.
  4. Tell your representative to protect people with disabilities and vote no on H.R. 620. We really shouldn’t even have to say this (that’s how outrageous this bill is), but we need you to call your representative and tell them to vote no on H.R. 620 should it come to the House floor for a vote. As noted by Human Rights watch, this bill “would very deliberately undermine the protections afforded under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)” and would “dramatically increase the burden on any person with a disability who seeks to vindicate their rights.”
  5. Blue state/red state calling tool is back: help fund calls to stop TrumpCare once and for all. We’re pulling out all the stops to end the latest reincarnation of TrumpCare. And we need your help to sponsor a call tool that will connect Indivisibles across the country with progressive constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee, and West Virginia, to encourage them to call their Senators.