Trumpcare version 2.3, Controversy continues to surround Sheriff Hodgson, Democrats preparing for 2018

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-- Lisa Segura


graham-cassidy bill aka trumpcare version 2.3


Even though Senators John McCain (AZ), Rand Paul (KY), and as of tonight, Susan Collins (ME) have publicly stated that they will not vote for this latest iteration of Trumpcare AKA Replace and We Don't Care What Happens To You, please keep calling Congress and/or volunteering to participate in a phone bank, and/or asking out-of-state family and friends to contact their Senator.  


Indivisible provides a state-by-state guide for how you can work towards ending the Graham-Cassidy bill and to hold your Senators accountable.

Stance is also a useful mobile tool for contacting your elected representative.  It's simple to use - you record your message to your representative and Stance keeps calling your representative's phone number until it gets through and leaves  your message.

According to this article on CNN, "the CBO released only a partial score of the GOP's plan, saying the Graham-Cassidy bill would reduce the budget deficit by at least $133 billion but millions of people would lose comprehensive health insurance."  Independent sources have estimated that almost 32 million people will lose health insurance coverage if the Graham-Cassidy bill passes.

Looking towards a positive future where both parties work together to improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), this article describes the best health care systems in the world (based on "hard data, they come from the Commonwealth Fund’s International Country Comparison in 2017.") and allows you to select which systems and aspects of health care that you would like to see included in America's healthcare system.

controversy surrounds bristol county sheriff, AGAIN

STAN GROSSFELD/GLOBE STAFF An inside view from the exercise cage at the Bristol County House of Corrections. Third from left is Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

An inside view from the exercise cage at the Bristol County House of Corrections. Third from left is Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

According to a September 22nd article in the Boston Globe, Hodgson refers to his removal of "televisions from inmates’ cells, reduced meal portions, and sent out work crews shackled together with ankle chains" as love although the record high suicide rate in Bristol County detention centers seems to indicate a lack of love, at the very least a lack of critical services for all inmates, especially for alleged illegal immigrants held in the detention center awaiting their fate. 

democrats preparing for 2018

Local and national Democrats address various and disparate issues but all contain the clear statement - "What is the Democratic Party's platform?"


SCOTT LANG, local attorney, former mayor of New Bedford and long time lawyer at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has written a series of letters to the DNC in the past several months.  They are an urgent and practical call to action in advance of the all important 2018 mid term elections. Read Scott Lang's letter here.

JAMES T. GRIFFITH, Ph.D. and member of the Dartmouth (MA) Democratic Town Committee spoke in this video of need for the Democratic Party to provide a solution to the current and upcoming job losses due to technological advances that replace jobs performed by human employees.  

CNN reports that the public's view of the Republican Party is at an all-time low (29% approve) while the perception of the Democratic Party is slightly better (41% approve).  The article goes on to ask Where does the Democratic Party go from here? Read the entire article here.

marching forward's political action huddle

Our own Political Action Huddle meets this October 5th and welcomes your involvement! During our meeting we will develop strategies for 2018 and organize into groups for specific activities.  A voter registration drive is already being planned.  We have many other ideas and look forward to discussing them on October 5th.  

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to



Our lobby day is focused on legislation that will protect immigrants, fix our broken criminal justice system, advance privacy and safeguard reproductive freedom. Click here for more information


Join us as we meet to discuss:

our shared positions on tax and budget policy;
create an action plan regarding our goals;
update our budget and tax policy proposal, and; 
a discussion of what we can and will do going forward.

If you're interested in becoming a new member of our Tax Policy and Budget Huddle, please RSVP to


Organized by our intrepid Environmental Huddle, and co-sponsored by the New Bedford Whaling Museum and the Buzzards Bay Coalition, this world renowned film festival is coming to the New Bedford Whaling Museum Saturday October 28. More information and tickets. 

Remember, you CAN make a difference!  Join one of our huddles, email suggestions to, post on our Facebook page (ask to join if you're not currently a member), keep informed from various news sources on the latest issues, contact your local, state, and national representatives, and above all talk to your family, friends, and neighbors - even those with opposing political viewpoints.  The only way forward is to discover our common ground.