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Heating Up

As I write this, we are 5 weeks from the November 6 election. That’s a lifetime for a political campaign. But for us, it means that there’s precious little time to help our chosen candidates.

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Now is the time to act!!

Read on for updates on what our Adopt A Candidate teams are doing now. Think about how you can contribute. Whatever you can do - large or small - THANK YOU!

Ways to Help

Simply put, campaigns run with a few paid hands, lots of volunteers, and lots money. All of our chosen candidates have a shot at winning their races. None are a sure thing. If you’re thinking of contributing money to any or all candidates, now’s the time. Here are links to their web sites, all of which have clear, easy to use “Donate” links.

Andy Kim for Congress.
Jared Golden for Congress.
Perry Gershon for Congress.
Mikie Sherrill for Congress.
Paul Feeney for MA State Senate.
Bill Keating for Congress.

Postcards. Team Perry Gershon has led the way on postcards. Now we’re reaching out to the other campaigns to offer similar help. Stay tuned!

Speaking of postcards, at the end of this post is an email from Several of us have been writing cards with them along with our Adopt A Candidate efforts. The email is a call for more volunteers. Sign up on your own at: with ‘join’ as the subject, or email me at: I can get you started with everything you need.

And let’s not forget our local races! Congressman Bill Keating is facing a tough and well financed challenger in Peter Tedeschi. And some of you may remember Paul Feeney, who spoke at one of our early meetings. He won his special election, and is now up for re-election.

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Meeting for Andy Kim

Join us:
Monday, October 15

55 School Street
South Dartmouth
(Terry Cryan’s house)
There will be snacks, desserts, coffee, tea and wine. 

Questions? Email:

Andy Kim for Congress.

Just to get us fired up:   Flyers supporting the incumbent Tom MacArthur have featured a photo of Andy Kim in a Chinese restaurant-type setting , with the headline: “Not one of us.”  To quote a certain someone ….”SAD.” (FYI - Kim was a born and raised in the USA of Korean born parents)

Words of wisdom from Adam Schiff

Team Kim leader Mary Boger had the opportunity to hear Congressman Adam Schiff speak recently. Here’s what she had to say.
”I had the pleasure of meeting with Congressman Adam Schiff this week.  He spoke to a group of supporters and had some very pertinent views on the November election. 
We all know the importance of winning, but he pointed out the greater importance of not losing.  I will do my best to paraphrase what he told us.
If we are not successful we will further empower the politics of the far right. If we do not win we will also be empowering the current occupant of the White House.  
Our victories can send a message to Republicans who remain in office to stand up and be counted for their country, not their party.  It may help them to be freed of the mind set that they cannot win without kowtowing to the far right.
If we lose, we lower the enthusiasm of all those who are now striving to change the  face of the political discourse in our nation.  Especially the young and those who have stepped into this amazing melee of politics for the first time.
We must pour our blood, sweat, tears, money, energy, and time into each campaign.  We must win.  We must return our country to its time honored place in the world. Win and we not only empower women and men across this country, but tens of thousands more around the world who look to us for rational, reasonable, and humane leadership.
So let’s all look at our budgets again and see if we can part with another $10, $20, $50 or $100 contribution to our candidates.   Create the time to be there the week, or at the very least, the weekend before the election.  Its time to March Forward Massachusetts!!  Let’s get this job done!!”
Mary Boger

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Jared Golden

ME 02, which Jared Golden is working hard to win from incumbent Bruce Poliquin, is a very large district. “Boots on the ground” is key to his strategy. Team Golden leaders Bess Coughlin, Vic Mailey and many others are in Maine working for Golden’s campaign. They plan to be there for the rest of October and through the election. They cordially invite any and all to join them. Free accommodations are available. Check your calendars, and get in touch with Vic.
Email Vic at: for more information.

Hosts Betty LaStaiti and Edward Dufresne (back left) with Team Golden members Vic Mailey, Bettina Borders, Bess Coughlin, and unnamed emotional support dog…

Hosts Betty LaStaiti and Edward Dufresne (back left) with Team Golden members Vic Mailey, Bettina Borders, Bess Coughlin, and unnamed emotional support dog…

From Team Golden:
”Many thanks to our wonderful hosts, Betty LaStaiti and Edward Dufresne, for hosting us at their Penobscot home this week as we knocked on doors in Bucksport and Orland, finding many Jared Golden supporters and Bruce Poliquin foes.
Now, on to Sorrento and more work in the eastern towns. Perhaps a return to Betty and Edward's  to help nail down the Blue Hill peninsula.
Reinforcements coming in today with Carole Ferguson!
All of us working to turn ME02 Blue!”

“Hi Bess.

Good work, you guys! And I gather that Vic is going to be in Maine for the duration!  I’m up in Lovell now with two sets of voter lists to work on around my home town. Yesterday I had far too many “not home”s but we’re going out again Sunday PM. (My sister drives me and stays in the car reading (she’s 87); our coordinator says going to the door alone is the best.)    People I have met are all polite. My favorite was the gentleman who was at home while the two women on my list, were away. He said he has always been a  registered Republican but no more. He was going to vote straight democrat from now on, just like his wife and daughter. I got one absentee voter signed up. The coordinator will drive up from Raymond Monday to pick it up and make sure a ballot is sent to him.   I have an app on my iphone where I enter the results. It looks like an offshoot of hubdialer.  We both enjoyed the day visiting and poking around unknown roads. We’ll go again Sunday. 
This is fun! If you can’t outspend the Kochs you can be one of the little drops of water who go knock on the door and give the voter the chance to talk. We all know what little drops of water can do when they get together!”

Betsy Powel

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Postcarding for Perry

Postcarding for Perry. Get Out the Vote reminders to registered Democrats can really help a campaign!

Postcarding for Perry. Get Out the Vote reminders to registered Democrats can really help a campaign!

Team Gershon sure knows how to turn out the volunteers! In one evening they managed to write close to 1,000 ‘Remember to Vote’ postcards for the Gershon campaign.

They’ve received huge thanks from the campaign, and inspired us to reach out to the other campaigns to see if we might do the same for them!

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An update from Postcards to Voters

Hello Postcards to Voters Volunteers!

We have been busy, busy, busy lately. Now that the mid-terms have kicked into gear, we’ve already launched 6 campaigns (for candidates in 5 states) since Labor Day!

For those six campaigns, you have written to 301,164 addresses!  That’s an average of 14,341 addresses A DAY.  You are amazing!

Media is picking up on this with a television newscast on NY1, an in-depth radio segment on WNYC, and I’ve been interviewed about our grassroots effort for stories that are coming out soon in major national publications.  Campaigns are reaching out to us every day.  New coalition groups are also asking how they can help.  We all knew this would be a busy time for us and it certainly has been.

We welcome over 100 new volunteer writers nearly each day.  Past writers who may have taken some months off are reaching back out to help again.  All told, we now have over 25,000 volunteers signed up and friends of theirs writing with us.  At this time last year, we had fewer than 5,000 volunteers.  That’s a lot of growth.

Person-to-person recruitment is effective, and we need to double our size to help all the campaigns waiting patiently in line.

Postcards to Voters now has 6 fun, volunteer-drawn postcard designs sold in sets of 50 and 100.  All proceeds go to offsetting our operating expenses.  You can buy our cards here.

I want to encourage and thank you for all you’ve done with Postcards to Voters.  Everyone who is a witness to our achievements together is in awe of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time.  And, frankly, on such a small budget.

Plus, we are not going to stop when the mid-terms are over.  There is always an election going on somewhere.  And ways we can help voters overcome barriers to voting such as the postcarding we did to remind Florida voters how to sign up to get Vote-at-Home ballots.  We already have an important Special Election immediately after the mid-terms, in fact.

Posted by Katie White