Local Action - Where to go, What to do

Local Action

There’s lots that we can do locally in this final week before the election.
Here’s contact information for two key organizers, along with more specifics below. Canvassing, phone calling, are much needed. Also, call if you want to volunteer to drive people to the polls, etc.

Shannon Morrell - local coordinator for all Democratic candidates

Lisa Lemieux - Vice Chair of the New Bedford Democratic Committee


Huge kudos to all of our Adopt A Candidate activists for their phone calling, letter writing, and canvassing on behalf of our chosen candidates in Maine, New York, and New Jersey!

There is also much that we can do to help locally. Please consider pitching in for a few hours or a few days, right here close to home.

Shannon Morrell is the local coordinator for all the Democratic candidates. She will enthusiastically welcome all who want to help. Their focus is on Get Out The Vote canvassing and phone banking.

To volunteer, contact Shannon at 508-971-6790, or smorrell@massdems.org Or sign up online for a canvassing or phonebanking shift here: GOTV SHIFTS


Here’s what Shannon has to say:

“For GOTV from November 3-5 we will have canvassing shifts at 10 am, 1pm and 4pm, and phonebanking shifts at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm.

 On election day November 6th we have CANVASSING shifts at 7am (for a special silent knock/doorhanging shift), 9am, 11am, 2pm, or 4:30 pm. 

PHONEBANKING shifts will be 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 530pm. 

dear neighbor please vote.png

The link provided below allows you to sign up for whatever shifts work best. We really need the help - with canvassing as priority. All shifts are three hours long and we encourage folks to sign up for three or more. 


This work can't be done without the help of volunteers, and with how incredibly important this election is, we can't take anything for granted.”

Representative Tony Cabral is State Rep for the New Bedford area, and is running for re-election. Here’s how you can support him.

Pre-Election Day Standout Schedule:

Thursday, November 1st
4pm to 6pm
Corner of Kempton Street & Rockdale Avenue

Saturday, November 3rd
10am to 12pm
Corner of Hawthorn Street & Rockdale Avenue

Monday, November 5th
4pm to 6pm
Corner of Rivet Street & County Street

Tuesday, November 6th
7am to 8pm, 2 hour shifts
Polling Locations across district

As we move into the final week of the campaign, WE NEED YOU!
Please come to one of our standouts and volunteer to hold signs at a polling location on Election Day. We want to make sure we reached everyone in the district.

If you would like to sign-up  or have questions, please send a message to 
reptonycabral@gmail.com. I wouldn't be able to do this without your assistance and support.

Thank you,


Posted by Katie White