Vote! Adopt a Candidate voting ends March 15

Thank you to all who have voted in the Adopt a Candidate program!  And if you haven't yet - there's time.  Read our summaries of candidates and districts, and the recap of the February 22 meeting

Then tell us what you think by VOTING

Speaking of voting, the PA 18 special is next Tuesday, March 13, and some polls have Conor Lamb ahead by a hair!  Please consider supporting Lamb in this special election with a contribution of time (there are phone bank opportunities for out of towners every day until election day) or money.  Millions in PAC money have poured into this race in support of Lamb's Republican opponent.  Our small donations make a difference!  Thank you.

There are many signs of positive activism these days.  

The teachers revolt in West Virginia, New York Times, March 5, 2018

Women and young voters will decide the 2018 elections.  If they actually vote.  Washington Post, March 3, 2018

Democrats may have already won the House.  Axios, March 5, 2018

Some campaigns find that Postcarding is an effective way to communicate with likely voters, especially if they have a personal touch.  Here's some more information on how to get started, and why it helps.

Postcards to Voters, part of the Sister District Project

A Secret Weapon for Your Political Campaign: Handwritten Messages.

posted by Katie White