AAC Maine 02, Andy Kim Recap

Updates from Adopt a Candidate Team Maine 02

Vic Mailey has provided some great updates on the status of the Maine 02 primary battle.  It's a different process in Maine this year, and one that will no doubt get much attention nationwide. While the primary was held on June 12, as of this writing, the winner has yet to be declared.  Here's a synopsis.  Vic's complete dispatches are on the web page devoted to Maine 02. 

Dispatch #1
   ME02 is a true swing district, with Democratic representation most of the past 30 years. Any of the three Democratic candidates (Jared Golden, Craig Olson, Lucas St.Clair) will do well against Poliquin in the general election. The district did give its one electoral vote to Donald Trump in 2016. Bruce Poliquin the incumbent , has continued his streak of nastiness by voting to cut $5 billion from CHIP funding. 
   We have been in touch with the Maine Democratic Party and have been given a warm welcome. All recruits to the ME02 team are welcome!   No level of interest or time available or willingness to travel can be too large or too small.

Dispatch #2
   Primary day in Maine. It is possible we will have a candidate tonight.
   With the new Ranked Choice Voting system, a winner must amass over 50 percent of the vote.  In multi-candidate races, no one can now win with, say, 30-40 percent of the vote.  And, rather than a run-off election between the top two candidates, Ranked Choice is now used.
   Voters today will select a first choice candidate, and also a second and third choice (even more choices for the longer slate of gubernatorial candidates).  If no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the bottom candidate drops out and his (in ME02, all guys) voters' second choices get divvied up accordingly among the remaining candidates.  This continues till someone gets more than 50 percent.
   Meanwhile, the Democratic party got its energy up a month ago with a convention in Lewiston.  Lots of energetic speechifying and a good platform adopted--universal health care, environmental and clean energy notes, progressive tax reform, etc.   Discussion on gun control was limited, but our three candidates have been strong on the issue.

Dispatch #3
   Here we are the day after the Maine primary election, and still without a candidate for the 2nd Congressional district race.  Jared Golden remains in the lead-- at 49-50 percent of the vote.   If he gets less than 50 percent of the vote, Ranked Choice Voting kicks in.  Votes from the candidate with the least number of votes will be divided among the remaining candidates according to the Second Choice ballots checked off by those voters.
    So, first off, we continue to wait on the remaining precincts to report in.  Then, we either have a candidate or wait some more for the RCV process to unfold.
    Incidentally, RCV is definitely in the future for the Democratic gubernatorial race.  The highest vote-getter has only 34-35 percent of all those ballots.
    We'll keep everyone up to date!


Breakfast with Andy Kim


Marching Forward hosted NJ 03 Congressional candidate Andy Kim on June 18 – and what an honor it was!  Kim included us in a very busy schedule of events – he had a full day ahead of him in Boston, and was then on to many destinations across the country.


Andy Kim is running for Congress for all the right reasons:  for his family, for the residents of his District, and by extension, for the country.  Public service in the truest and most honorable sense is what he’s about.  He is a smart, committed candidate with solid Democratic positions that reflect his personal values and those of his district. Ego inflation and self-serving goals are not part of the equation for this man.


Many thanks to our Adopt a Candidate Team Andy Kim for their outreach to Kim’s campaign, and for making our meeting with him happen.  Between now and November 6,  AAC Team Kim will be in contact with his campaign to assist in any way that we can. 

The full Adopt a Candidate Program is well underway, and there are opportunities for all who want to help!  See the Marching Forward website for updates on Andy Kim - NJ03Mikie Sherrill - NJ11Perry Gershon - NY01; and Maine02.


To join Team Andy Kim, or one of the other teams, contact us at strength@marchingforwardmass.com

Posted by Katie White