8 weeks and counting…

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Where We Stand

We are 8 weeks from the Midterm elections. While the momentum seems to favor a significant change in the status quo, we all know that this is not a sure thing. This is not the time for complacency. It is the time to press our seeming advantage - to support our chosen candidates, to write postcards for candidates all over the country, and yes, if you so choose, to send some of your cold hard cash to your favorite candidates or to the Democratic party.
Questions? Want to get more involved?
Send an email to: strength@marchingforwardmass.com.

The Cook Political Report is an independent, non-partisan newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns. In rating individual races they use the following categories:
Solid seats
Likely: These seats are not considered competitive at this point, but have the potential to become engaged.
Lean: These are considered competitive races, but one party has an advantage.
Toss Up: These are the most competitive; either party has a good chance of winning.

Here’s what they currently have to say about our adopted candidates, and our own Bill Keating (let’s remember to support the all important home team!)

Perry Gershon - NY 01 Likely Republican
Jared Golden - ME 02 Toss Up
Andy Kim - NJ 03 Toss Up
Mikie Sherrill - NJ 11 Lean Democratic
Bill Keating - MA 09 Solid Democratic

Update from Team Jared Golden

Many thanks to Vic Mailey for this ready-to-post update! There’s lots going on with Team Golden! To participate with any of our Adopt A Candidate Teams, email: strength@marchingforwardmass.com. We’ll pass the message along.

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For politically inclined Mainers, July and August were hardly vacation months.  Shortly after the June 12 primary election, Dems gathered county by county and planned out the next four months.  They were phone banking and door-to-door canvassing by mid-summer.  In August, our own ME02 crew began remote phone banking.  In mid-August, we were on the ground canvassing with the Mainers.

We have not bundled our donations.  Individuals have contributed on line at the Jared Golden and Janet Mills (governor candidate) websites.  With scant information in the online Maine press, we've gotten campaign updates mostly from the Golden and Mills Facebook pages and from Email posts.

Jared Golden has snagged several significant national endorsements:  
    He was endorsed early on in the spring by End Citizens United (he takes no dark money and no money from corporate PACs)
    He has gotten very strong union support (his first speech after the primary was a strong speech to the state AFL-CIO)
    He has been endorsed by Seth Moulton and Vote Vets (a natural pick, given his service in Iraq and Afghanistan)
    The Cook Political Report switched its characterization of the ME02 election from Lean Republican to Toss Up
    He has been endorsed by The Resistance (especially impressed with his return to Afghanistan to teach)
    Last month in Daily Kos, an occasional blogger listed Jared Golden in a group of 20 Dem candidates he felt represented the best use of a donor's money without an unlimited budget.

South Dartmouth activity is ramping up this month.  Remote phone banking and donations continue.
And--folks are heading to Hancock County (Ellsworth, Penobscot, Winter Harbor and Sorrento) and to Oxford County (Fryeburg, Lovell, Jackson, NH) to continue canvassing, putting up yard signs, more phonecalling.

The objective is to do everything we can to turn ME02 Blue!  

Posted by Katie White