Notes From The Field(s)

Our teams are working hard - some close to home, others in their adopted districts. There are ample opportunities for everyone to chip in - with time, treasure, or both. Please participate! This is important! And thank you. Questions about any event or activity? Your query will be forwarded to the appropriate people. Email:

Postcards for Perry

Team Perry Gershon will be writing postcards Thursday, September 27, and you’re invited!

gershon postcard.jpg

Join us:
Thursday, September 27
6:30 to 8:30 pm
115 Russell’s Mills Road
South Dartmouth
(Susan Kehoe’s house)
There will be snacks, desserts, coffee, tea and wine. 

Questions? Email:

Contribute to Perry Gershon for Congress here.

News from Team Jared Golden

Maine 02 is a huge district, and Jared Golden’s campaign can use all the volunteers it gets!
Email: - you will promptly be put in touch with Bess and Vic, the team leaders for Maine 02.

Here are notes from Rick Schnure, Vic Mailey and Bess Coughlin, AAC Team Leaders for Maine 02

From Rick: “The only congressional district in New England that has been Republican is Maine 02 which covers all of Maine except the southern coast. Jared Golden is given a good chance to unseat the incumbent Republican Bruce Poliquin.

 The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting Poliquin and added Golden to their "Red to Blue" program. Golden, a United States Marine Corps veteran, and state legislator is running with the support of, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and several labor union endorsements.

The Republican-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved $2.8 million in airtime to support Poliquin in his re-election bid. Poliquin also received $1 million in support from the America First Action super PAC, an organization "dedicated to electing federal candidates who support the agenda of the Trump-Pence administration."

Poliquin won by only 33,797 votes in the last election  Obama won by a similar amount in 2012

Cook Political Report and Sabato's Crystal Ball rated the general election a “toss-up," while Inside Elections rated it "lean Republican."

 This is an election we can influence!!” Want to donate to Golden’s campaign?
Contribute directly to Golden’s campaign here.

Jared speaking.jpg

From Vic: ”Jared Golden recently spoke in Ellsworth to more than 100 enthusiastic Mainers. He flew in just a little late after walking the line and chatting with union folks from north of Waterville.

Jared addressed a wide range of topics and answered a load of questions. His main emphasis remains health care--the necessity to expand the Medicaid program in Maine and to get the ball rolling on Medicare for All by dropping the enrollment age into the 50s.

There was generous applause on just about every topic and lots of good energy. Jared is just an excellent articulate and plainspoken guy.

Vic Mailey with Jared Golden and campaign staffer

Vic Mailey with Jared Golden and campaign staffer

It was an honor meeting him.

Let's get this done! All of us in our own way.”

From Bess:
”Hello All!

Accommodations are available for all who want to canvas in Hancock County, Maine, from now through the election. Many thanks to Vic for making this happen!
Email: to contact Vic or Bess for more information.

Vic has just completed eight days of straight out canvassing, and I have just finished six.  We are meeting and talking to all kinds of people.  For the most part we are doing rural canvassing.  Which means we are doing a lot of driving, driving from door to door, not walking.  I feel we are making a difference, mostly with those individuals who had intended not to vote, but after a conversation with us, consider it would be important for them to vote.  Otherwise, we are educating those who intend to vote, but haven't been paying attention, getting cheered on by die hard Dems, and being given the 'No thanks,' from Trumpers.  Everyone, thus far, has been civil. 

The political ads have been heating up, with some pretty ugly, underhanded anti-Golden ones.  The worst are funded by the Congressional Leadership Fund, whose aim is to maintain Republican control of the house.  The CLF has allocated 3.1 million to this race!  They are afraid of Golden.  Also, Donald Trump, JR. is coming to Portland for an October 1st fundraising event.  I don't know how we can compete with 3.1 million, or JR, but if you have some extra change, you can donate directly to Golden through ActBlue.

Let's make a difference for Jared Golden and ME 02!”


Do you want to help Team Andy Kim?
Email: and you will be connected to the team leaders.

From Terry and Mary: “Great news from the Andy Kim Campaign: Andy is up by a point -- unheard of in his solidly red district!!! Those of us who met him at a breakfast here in Dartmouth just a few months ago are not surprised; Andy is an outstanding candidate.

He is running against a multi-millionaire, Tom MacArthur, who has been supported by none other than the budget wizard Paul Ryan.  Ryan came to host a fund raiser for MacArthur, the author of an amendment to the Republican bill to take insurance away from people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Andy needs us to help him get the vote out and he needs money.  His ads are having an impact on the race and he needs to keep them on the air.  Please consider
donating directly to Andy Kim for Congress here.

And let us know if you want to go to New Jersey and get out the vote.  Road Trip!!!  We promise to make it fun!!”

Pending further instructions from the Kim campaign, the team plans to drive down Friday before election, 11/2.  Work like crazy during the day Saturday, Sunday & Monday and return Monday evening 11/5. More details to follow on the specific location and accommodations.
Interested? Questions? Email:

Mary Boger and Terry Cryan
Team Andy Kim - NJ 03

Andy Kim at a Marching Forward event, May, 2018

Andy Kim at a Marching Forward event, May, 2018


Members of our AAC Team Sherrill with the candidate

Members of our AAC Team Sherrill with the candidate

Well deserved respite after a day of knocking on doors

Well deserved respite after a day of knocking on doors

As I write this, members of Team Mikie on in New Jersey, canvassing, registering voters, and generally doing whatever the Sherrill Campaign needs help with.

After this week of on-the-ground work, they plan to return to New Jersey in early November. All are welcome to join them!!

Oh, and it seems they’re having some fun too!

Contribute directly to Sherrill’s campaign here.

Posted by Katie White