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News from Team Mikie Sherrill, NJ 11

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- Team Mikie Sherrill is organized and active!  After a series of meetings during the summer,  visits to New Jersey are on the calendar, as well as opportunities for phone banking.  
- Visits: With valuable input from Sherrill campaign staff, there will be two visits to
NJ 11. The first is September 24 – 28. The second will be November 2 – 6.  Tasks will be canvassing door to door in the evenings, and helping at campaign headquarters during the day.  
- There was recently a phone banking session at the home of Team Leader Nancy Smith, and more to come.  Phone calls are helpful to the campaigns, in that they help to identify likely Sherrill voters for campaign strategy purposes.  
- For more information or to join any of the Adopt A Candidate teams, visit the AAC pages on our web site, or email us at:

Team Perry Gershon invites you to get involved!


Our adopted Candidate, Perry Gershon, won the democratic primary for Congressman from NY 01, the district at the east end of Long Island!
MF Team Gershon wrote postcards and made calls.


Now comes the general election in November against republican Lee Zeldin, the incumbent and a Trump clone.

Will you help NOW?

Before it’s too late to turn this district BLUE.

You are needed by all the adopted candidates of MF teams.

Please give a little of your time to write postcards either at a one of our fun postcard parties or at home!


email us at: to get involved on any of the Adopt A Candidate Teams!

And Thank You!

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For those of you who don't have the time or inclination to join one of the Adopt a Candidate teams, but want to do something concrete, consider signing up with Postcards To Voters

I've been participating for the last month or so, and will continue through the election. 

It's easy to use, and it's totally up to you when and how many postcards you will write. They provide you with essential talking points, and background information about the campaign of the moment.  The messages that you write are positive, Get Out the Vote encouragement to registered Democrats. Feedback from campaigns that they have supported has been very positive.  People respond positively to receiving a handwritten postcard! 

 You are responsible for buying postcards, and postage, and for writing and mailing the cards promptly after you ask for addresses.  Communication is anonymous - you receive addresses but no names, and you are instructed not to sign your full name to your message.  Our fearless leader Pattie described their strategy as "Brilliant"  That means something from a woman who knows a lot about advertising, communication, and branding. 

Any questions for me about this program - send them to

Posted by Katie White