Our position, and ‘our’ candidate, Mikie Sherrill’s position on impeachment

When we at Marching Forward gathered together, our goal was to Turn the House Blue. We carefully selected four nearby house districts to work on. And we were effective, helping to win three of those four hotly contested races. I don’t think we imagined then what impact that might have. Well, one of “our” candidates, NJ11 Freshman Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, co-authored with six other freshman veterans from moderate districts a Washington Post Op Ed a few days ago saying that there are allegations that President Trump "may have used his position to pressure a foreign country into investigating a political opponent, and he sought to use U.S. taxpayer dollars as leverage to do it.”

They continued, "If these allegations are true, we believe these actions represent an impeachable offense.” This Op Ed was the turning point for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to support the beginning of impeachment proceedings. Why do Mikie Sherrill, a lowly freshman from N.J. and her six freshman colleagues carry so much weight? All of us at Marching Forward who went to New Jersey and worked alongside her know. It is her background of public service. It is her leadership skills forged at the Naval Academy and sharpened in those helicopter flights in Iraq. It is the commitment to root out evil fro her time in the U.S. Attorney’s office. And it is her ability to understand the needs of everyday people that comes from her family and her diverse working class moderate district. She got there with our help and she is making a huge difference.

John Bullard