Fed Budget and Tax Policy

Introducing the Federal Budget and Tax Policy Huddle!

Welcome to the Federal Budget and Tax Policy (FBTP) Huddle

The Trump Administration has recently released their proposed federal budget. Over the next several months, if not years, the budget and a new Trump tax plan will be debated. The ultimate results will have significant implications for the country and the world.

Believing that the federal budget and tax plan reflect a country's values, a number of us want to become better informed and become better advocates!

Beppie Huidekoper has volunteered to lead a Federal Budget and tax policy (fbtp) Huddle and she is hoping that others will want to participate!

A first draft of the huddle's mission and goals is attached, as is a list of valuable web sites.

Anyone interested, or if you know someone who might/should be interested,  please contact Beppie at beppieh27@gmail.com. She hopes to host the first meeting in early June.

The Federal Budget and Tax Policy (FBTP) huddle will focus on:

·  Promoting awareness and understanding of the sources and uses of federal funds, the federal budget process and the ways in which both the federal budget and the federal tax policies impact various US population groups, the country and our international relations

·   Assessing budget and tax proposals coming from the Trump administration and Congress in terms of their impact on the common good.

·   Supporting budget and tax proposals that address income/wealth inequities, ensure safety net support for the most needy, protect the environment, promote the creation of good jobs and contain the federal deficit among others.

·   Resisting budget and tax proposals coming from the Trump administration and Congress that exacerbate income/wealth inequities, dilute the safety net support for the neediest in our society, hurt the environment, promote the creation of good jobs to the detriment of the environment, national security, etc, and worsens the federal deficit, among others.

·   Educating others in our community about the budget and tax policies and engaging them in both promotion and resistance as needed.

Additional Info and Resources

In the near term, the FBTP huddle will educate itself about the existing budget – both revenues and expenses - the various options being considered by the administration and the congress and the processes by which the both the budget and taxes will be presented, reviewed and enacted over the next two years.  Once we have a better understanding of all of the above, we will develop a game plan for proceeding!

There are a number of web sites that are extremely informative and worth perusing: