Thursday's are for Postcarding

From now ‘till the end of October, members of Marching Forward will be writing postcards to get out the vote for Virginia Delegates Sheila Bynum-Coleman and Clint Jenkins, running in House Districts 66 & 76 respectively.

Sheila is a mother of five children, all of whom have attended Chesterfield Public Schools. A successful small business owner and community advocate, Sheila first got involved in politics when her delegate decided it wasn’t worth his time to discuss her child with special needs. Since then, she has made it her mission to advocate for improved school services for children with learning disabilities.  Sheila has also dealt with one of a parent’s worst nightmares: her daughter was shot in 2016. While she thankfully survived, Sheila is determined to ensure that as few families as possible in our community experience the trauma and grief of having a loved one affected by senseless gun violence. Sheila is a Chesterfield success story. She has a background in real estate and construction, maintaining several successful small businesses. She was also appointed by former Governor Terry McAuliffe as the first African American woman to the Board of Contractors. Sheila spends much of her free time teaching classes for first time home buyers, leading entrepreneurial development workshops, and coaching businesses on fiscal management. Sheila helps numerous organizations such as Veterans Helping Veterans, which supports our veterans in the Richmond Area.  As Delegate, she will advocate for her constituents.

Clint, a US Army Veteran, and former Ethics Officer for the BAE Systems Shipyard, currently manages a local real estate company with his daughter, Ashlin.  Clint has been serving his community his entire adult life, staying active in local Civic Leagues, churches, and various other community organizations. He has also been a leader in the local Democratic Party, serving as the Suffolk coordinator for the 77th district House of Delegates and the DPVA’s Chair of the 3rd Congressional District.  A strong commitment to service has defined Clint’s involvement in his community. He knows the needs and concerns of the people of the 76th District because he has seen and heard them firsthand. He is committed to representing his constituents with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

If you wish to join us for an evening of postcarding, please RSVP to strength@marchingforwardmass.com.  We will then email you event details.

Ready, Set, 2020!

Hello fellow political activists


As we ready to launch events and actions building to 2020, we want to be sure that we are reaching you.  We moved from plain old email to Mailchimp software and have lost some or worse yet end up in spam folders.  PLEASE clear us so we can organize together.  We NEVER share email addresses and our communication is crisp and focused.  We’ve written instructions on how to add Marching Forward emails to your contact list. This prevents our emails from ending up in your spam folder. The directions are very simple and can be found here.


I find during these unprecedented times it is reassuring to band together with like-minded friends, neighbors, colleagues and mentors to form thoughtful and actionable political strategies to affect change.  Since January 2017, Marching Forward Mass has become a community for our collective voices and actions to make a difference.

Following midterms where we focused on four "swing districts", in addition to state and local work, we took a collective breather (we all need one!). Our targeted work was hard, FUN, enriching and successful.  Three of our four candidates swung their Congressional District blue and they are now part of the most diverse Congress in our history.  We are now regrouping to establish strategies as we gear up for 2020.


We are all bombarded by campaigns, political action group and causes. Although well intended, it is an onslaught. A reminder that Marching Forward is a group of Pragmatic Progressives from the South Coast of Massachusetts.  We number 400+ strong. Many of us are deeply engaged in actions, some are interested in attending meetings, others are active postcard/letter writers, others travel to crucial districts to register and canvass and some even donate housing for our volunteers in such districts. We choose actions that make a difference. During Mid Term Elections we saw this in increased engagement with issues such as Healthcare, Immigration, Journalism and Environment. At our core, we are political activists. Our convictions are expressed at the voting booths across our nation.  This is our power.


We are NOT a PAC and do not raise money for campaigns.  We DO gather together to determine best actions for us to undertake given our bandwidth, experiences and intentions. 

Soon we will announce our plans building up to 2020.  It's early now  yet we are planning to concentrate on key must win states winning all "houses". These states are determined based upon analysis of Senate race potential change, previous Presidential voting and gerrymandering impact.   The White House, Senate, Congress, State House and State Legislature are all essential.  This is a concentrated and deep approach where we focus efforts from voter registration (postcards, emailing), to social media and canvassing/physical presence in districts.


Please "clear us" if need be for communication.  Many of you have asked how friends can join. Just send our website link - https://www.marchingforwardmass.com/join-us - and ask them to complete the form and join us. We look forward to continuing our political action work together.

All my best,

Pattie Garrahy-Robertson