2020 Elections

Our position, and ‘our’ candidate, Jared Golden’s position on impeachment

My statement on new reports of misconduct contained in an Intelligence Community whistle-blower complaint:

"The willingness of the President to legitimize or even entertain the involvement of foreign entities in domestic affairs is of grave concern. As I stated about the findings of the Mueller investigation, we are seeing in this administration a fundamental failure to put the interests of the country ahead of political gain. I believe it is important to be honest that there has been a growing cancer among the Washington establishment for far too long that has enabled foreign interests to seep into our politics. But to be clear: the president’s statements and reported actions raise novel and serious questions about his commitment to putting the good of the country before his own interests. I believe that any leader of this nation, at any level of government, who actively seeks to involve foreign entities in American politics, especially in our campaigns and elections, is betraying the good faith of the American people.

“We are a nation of laws, and it would be dangerous to ignore the importance of process in making political decisions. Congress has a duty to seek out and carefully examine all of the available evidence before taking action. The more serious the matter at hand, the more important that principle is. A whistle-blower complaint has been filed by a member of our nation’s Intelligence Community. What we know about its content is primarily based on speculation and anonymous media sources. Congress must acquire all of the facts. That is why Congress must insist upon receiving full access to the whistle-blower’s complaint.

From Jared Golden, ME02: “The law is clear: the Acting Director of National Intelligence (ADNI) must forward the whistle-blower’s complaint to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Intelligence Committee members from both parties must have an opportunity to fully examine the information. The ADNI must also ensure that the whistle-blower is protected against retaliation by the White House. This isn’t negotiable—it’s the law. The House of Representatives must take every action necessary to combat this administration’s stonewalling of the rule of law. Ensuring that the Intelligence Committees receive the full text of the whistle-blower’s complaint is a necessary first step."

Patti Garrahy

Thursday's are for Postcarding

From now ‘till the end of October, members of Marching Forward will be writing postcards to get out the vote for Virginia Delegates Sheila Bynum-Coleman and Clint Jenkins, running in House Districts 66 & 76 respectively.

Sheila is a mother of five children, all of whom have attended Chesterfield Public Schools. A successful small business owner and community advocate, Sheila first got involved in politics when her delegate decided it wasn’t worth his time to discuss her child with special needs. Since then, she has made it her mission to advocate for improved school services for children with learning disabilities.  Sheila has also dealt with one of a parent’s worst nightmares: her daughter was shot in 2016. While she thankfully survived, Sheila is determined to ensure that as few families as possible in our community experience the trauma and grief of having a loved one affected by senseless gun violence. Sheila is a Chesterfield success story. She has a background in real estate and construction, maintaining several successful small businesses. She was also appointed by former Governor Terry McAuliffe as the first African American woman to the Board of Contractors. Sheila spends much of her free time teaching classes for first time home buyers, leading entrepreneurial development workshops, and coaching businesses on fiscal management. Sheila helps numerous organizations such as Veterans Helping Veterans, which supports our veterans in the Richmond Area.  As Delegate, she will advocate for her constituents.

Clint, a US Army Veteran, and former Ethics Officer for the BAE Systems Shipyard, currently manages a local real estate company with his daughter, Ashlin.  Clint has been serving his community his entire adult life, staying active in local Civic Leagues, churches, and various other community organizations. He has also been a leader in the local Democratic Party, serving as the Suffolk coordinator for the 77th district House of Delegates and the DPVA’s Chair of the 3rd Congressional District.  A strong commitment to service has defined Clint’s involvement in his community. He knows the needs and concerns of the people of the 76th District because he has seen and heard them firsthand. He is committed to representing his constituents with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

If you wish to join us for an evening of postcarding, please RSVP to strength@marchingforwardmass.com.  We will then email you event details.