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Our position, and ‘our’ candidate, Mikie Sherrill’s position on impeachment

When we at Marching Forward gathered together, our goal was to Turn the House Blue. We carefully selected four nearby house districts to work on. And we were effective, helping to win three of those four hotly contested races. I don’t think we imagined then what impact that might have. Well, one of “our” candidates, NJ11 Freshman Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, co-authored with six other freshman veterans from moderate districts a Washington Post Op Ed a few days ago saying that there are allegations that President Trump "may have used his position to pressure a foreign country into investigating a political opponent, and he sought to use U.S. taxpayer dollars as leverage to do it.”

They continued, "If these allegations are true, we believe these actions represent an impeachable offense.” This Op Ed was the turning point for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to support the beginning of impeachment proceedings. Why do Mikie Sherrill, a lowly freshman from N.J. and her six freshman colleagues carry so much weight? All of us at Marching Forward who went to New Jersey and worked alongside her know. It is her background of public service. It is her leadership skills forged at the Naval Academy and sharpened in those helicopter flights in Iraq. It is the commitment to root out evil fro her time in the U.S. Attorney’s office. And it is her ability to understand the needs of everyday people that comes from her family and her diverse working class moderate district. She got there with our help and she is making a huge difference.

John Bullard

Our position, and ‘our’ candidate, Jared Golden’s position on impeachment

My statement on new reports of misconduct contained in an Intelligence Community whistle-blower complaint:

"The willingness of the President to legitimize or even entertain the involvement of foreign entities in domestic affairs is of grave concern. As I stated about the findings of the Mueller investigation, we are seeing in this administration a fundamental failure to put the interests of the country ahead of political gain. I believe it is important to be honest that there has been a growing cancer among the Washington establishment for far too long that has enabled foreign interests to seep into our politics. But to be clear: the president’s statements and reported actions raise novel and serious questions about his commitment to putting the good of the country before his own interests. I believe that any leader of this nation, at any level of government, who actively seeks to involve foreign entities in American politics, especially in our campaigns and elections, is betraying the good faith of the American people.

“We are a nation of laws, and it would be dangerous to ignore the importance of process in making political decisions. Congress has a duty to seek out and carefully examine all of the available evidence before taking action. The more serious the matter at hand, the more important that principle is. A whistle-blower complaint has been filed by a member of our nation’s Intelligence Community. What we know about its content is primarily based on speculation and anonymous media sources. Congress must acquire all of the facts. That is why Congress must insist upon receiving full access to the whistle-blower’s complaint.

From Jared Golden, ME02: “The law is clear: the Acting Director of National Intelligence (ADNI) must forward the whistle-blower’s complaint to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Intelligence Committee members from both parties must have an opportunity to fully examine the information. The ADNI must also ensure that the whistle-blower is protected against retaliation by the White House. This isn’t negotiable—it’s the law. The House of Representatives must take every action necessary to combat this administration’s stonewalling of the rule of law. Ensuring that the Intelligence Committees receive the full text of the whistle-blower’s complaint is a necessary first step."

Patti Garrahy

April 18 Meeting for Adopt a Candidate. Laurie Bullard honored by IAC

ADOPT A CANDIDATE - 2018 Midterm Elections

6:00 - 7:30



FOLLOWING MONTHS OF COLLABORATIVE WORK WITH SISTER INDIVISIBLE GUIDE MEMBERS and our MFM Political Action Leader Team WE NARROWED THE FIELD TO SEVEN CANDIDATES.  CONOR LAMB (PA 18) WAS UP FIRST AND DELIVERED AN UPSET WIN IN A DISTRICT DEEMED UNWINNABLE FOR THE PAST SEVERAL DECADES.  Our own leader Rick Schnure who grew up near this district even convinced his 98 year old Mom, Elise to vote for a Democrat (first time ever).


    MFM Team Captains are Vic Mailey and Bess Coughlin (both are familiar with the district and will spend lots of time there this Summer following primaries!)



mickie sherrill.jpg

MFM Team Captains are Laurie Bullard, Nancy Train Smith (‘cuz they grew up in this district) John Bullard (as he was smart enough to marry his Jersey Girl)


NEW JERSEY DISTRICT 3, ANDY KIM  MFM Team Captains are Terry Cryan, Mary Boger both are inspired by this Candidate and familiar with district.  





NY DISTRICT 1, PERRY GERSHON MFM Team Captains are Barbara Trecker, Rachel Lewis, Susan Kehoe, Judy Jenkins. Many leaders grew up in or near this district and know it well.


LET’S DO THIS by participating SOME, ALL IN or IN BETWEEN!!.

Actions will range from writing postcards, texting and calling gatherings in the comfort of your own home, community centers, clubs and cafes to traveling to districts to participate in canvassing, voter registrations and community camaraderie with like-minded activists. Many of us have worked on campaigns outside our home states – it’s FUN, engaging and a true bonding experience.

JOIN US on Wednesday, April 18 at Southworth Library 6-7:30 to JOIN YOUR TEAM OF CHOICE.  Each candidate will be represented by our MFM Team Captains so please take a look at each candidate’s website above.  Get to know them and remember they are mostly “centrist” candidates matched to their districts values and demonstrate strong possibility of winning.

Laurie Bullard honored by Immigrants' Assistance Center

Some people talk and do nothing.  Others see a problem or an urgent need,  and roll up their sleeves to help out.  Laurie Bullard is a doer, as evidenced by the award she received last Friday from the Immigrants' Assistance Center.  

Helena DaSilva Hughes and Laurie Bullard

Helena DaSilva Hughes and Laurie Bullard

Here's what Helena DaSilva Hughes, the IAC executive director had to say.

"As most of you know, we’re a small organization with limited resources and a small budget.  You also know that in the past year, we have seen a drastic increase in the need for our services; serving over 9,000 clients; an increase of about 35%.  These are real people and children, many of whom are scared.

Because we’re so busy providing services, we didn’t have the time to raise the necessary funds to support our expanding programs.  In the midst of this chaos, God sent us an angel named Laurie Bullard.  Laurie saw our challenges and jumped in with both feet to help like no one has ever helped before.  In a short time, she assembled a group of dedicated volunteers, helped us find new sources of funding and so much more.

It’s difficult to find words for the depth of our appreciation for Laurie’s efforts.  As a small token of our thanks, tonight we are pleased to present the Immigrants’ Assistance Center’s first ever LAURIE BULLARD AWARD to Laurie Bullard.  This is awarded in recognition and appreciation for her compassion for and commitment to the immigrant community and the Immigrants’ Assistance Center."

Laurie, true to form, was quick to recognize the participation of all of us involved with Marching Forward.  The Immigration huddle is doing much important and very local work, supporting the IAC and local immigrant communities, and working to shed light on the activities of Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, and the conditions at the county jail.

Laurie said in an email,

"A Tribute to all of You -
Dear Marching Forward Huddles, 

The Immigrants' Assistance Center’s fundraiser last night was a booming success. I don’t usually do this, but because last night I got quite the surprise and honor, I want to share this with you.    First, thank you to all of you who bought tickets, and who have generously donated to this organization since the beginning of 2017 up to today.  Helena and her staff decided that I needed to receive the new “Laurie Bullard Award”, an award that the IAC will bestow on a volunteer for outstanding work every 5 years.  The inscription reads “with gratitude for your relentless Advocacy and Unwavering Devotion”.  The Immigrants’ Assistance center, March 30, 2018.  Well, as I said, I was totally surprised; wow; and  accepted this honor and gorgeous glass sculpture by saying that I did not do this alone; that all of you were right there beside me and that I would only accept this for all of you.  So Helena thanks you, the staff at the IAC thanks you, and I thank you for responding to the incredible needs at the Immigrants’ Assistance Center.  The work will continue, the needs will increase.  And I appreciate your willingness to respond to this important organization."  

Laurie Bullard

Congratulations Laurie!
And thanks to the Immigrants' Assistance Center,
for filling such an urgent need in our community!

Posted by Katie White

Adopt a Candidate

Marching Forward logo.jpg



It is beyond gratifying, following months of organization, collaborative work with Indivisible Groups throughout our great State of Massachusetts and thoughtful concentration by MFM Leadership, to have launched an ambitious initiative this past Thursday 2.22.18. Over 90 Patriotic ACTIVISTS participated and are determined to focus their efforts to make a measurable difference in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

These elections are crucial to regain balance in our government.  We are focused on Congressional Seats in “swing” districts close to home.  
Our chosen campaigns (some with suggested and “championed” candidates now, and other districts that we will wait to see the primary winners in the summer and fall) are:  
NJ District 11
NJ District 03
NH District 01
ME District 02
NY District 01
PA District 15
PA District 18
Conor Lamb of PA 18 is listed but NOT part of the vote as immediate tactical actions are required.  

Click Here for Information on each candidate/district

Now we VOTE to narrow six to four. (Please click on the word “VOTE” anywhere on this page to go to survey). Voting is open until March 15. 

Once we have FOUR FINALISTS, we will announce (online and at next MFM meeting in April - date and time to be decided).  Then we go to work with proven tactics:  Social Media, $ donating, postcarding, calls and canvassing in districts.  This will all be managed by team Captains in concert with selected Campaigns when the time is right. ONE now ( do what you can and the rest TBD upon voting.

SO VOTE AND PLEASE send onto sister and fellow activists who first should go to our site to JOIN.  They will then become part of this dialogue and focused work.  Can’t wait to see who we ADOPT!

Adopt-A-Candidate Meeting Recap 2-22-18

Ninety Members of Marching Forward and politically concerned citizens gathered Thursday night to discuss congressional elections and the launch of the Adopt a Candidate program. This program directs focus and support to a few strategically chosen candidates and districts outside of MA with the intention of turning the House Blue in midterm 2018 elections.

Group founder and organizer Pattie Garrahy Robertson introduced the evening’s topics and background on work developed by the Leadership Team of MFM.  A quick word from Michael Jackman, district director for Congressman Bill Keating of the Massachusetts 9th, followed. He reminded the assembled to bring the same motivated spirit to bear on their local, state and district elections this fall. It was agreed that our aim is to do both; yet the group’s mission is to turn swing districts blue in order to restore critical political balance.  Laurie Bullard reminded the group about the Immigration Assistance Center’s work and fundraiser on Saturday, 2.24.

Teams then presented their candidates and/or districts for consideration:

Laurie Bullard and Nancy Smith introduced Mikie Sherrill, the frontrunner out of 5 candidates in the Democratic primary for the New Jersey 11th Congressional District. Sherrill is a former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor. She was on the cover of Time Magazine this year as one of 48 first-time female candidates to watch. The current Representative, Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen, is retiring.

Terry Cryan spoke next in support of Andy Kim, candidate for the New Jersey 3rd. Kim, a Rhodes scholar, worked in government as a counterterrorism advisor at the NSA and the Defense Department. He served as a strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen in Iraq.   A life-time resident of the district, Kim is running against incumbent Republican Tom McArthur, whose insurance company pedigree and conservative background led him to support the AHCA (“Trumpcare”), resulting in recent contentious town hall meetings in the district.

Leslie Powell Knowles and John Bullard presented information on the New Hampshire 1st district whose current congresswoman, Democrat Carol Shea-Porter is retiring.  With seven Democrats currently running in the primary, Knowles and Bullard spoke to the particular strengths of candidates Chris Pappas and Maura Sullivan. As the seat has swung between parties in five of the last six elections, the speakers stressed the importance of supporting such a hotly contested race right in the group’s own backyard.

Vic Mailey spoke next about the Maine 2nd Congressional District. The seat is held by Republican Bruce Poliquin, but has a history as a swing seat. The region voted for Trump in 2016 and for Obama in the two prior elections. There are several high quality Democratic candidates, including Lucas St. Clair, the heir to the Burt’s Bees fortune, and Jared Golden, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Mailey also raised the topic of embedding volunteers within races to provide long-term assistance.

Barbara Trekker talked about Perry Gershon, the Democratic frontrunner for New York’s 1st Congressional District. Gershon, who spent years working in commercial real estate and has supported strong gun control efforts and access to affordable health care, is running against incumbent Lee Zeldin, who has described himself as “Trump before Trump” and has a strong anti-immigration agenda. This district voted for Trump in 2016, and for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  Zeldin defeated a Democratic incumbent in 2014, all of which points to strong possibilities for Gershon and the other Democratic challengers.

Mia Lahti and Garrahy-Robertson spoke about the contested race in the Pennsylvania 15th, where Republican Charlie Dent ‘s upcoming retirement has sparked a fierce primary campaign.

Carole Ferguson and Rick Schnure discussed the special election on March 13th for the Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District, which is pitting Democrat  Conor Lamb against Republican Rick Saccone.  This race is generating intense interest nationwide. You are encouraged to visit Lamb's wesite, and get involved. As this election is just over two weeks away, tactics for immediate execution were detailed. For now, go to Lamb's website, and consider making a donation to his campaign. Polling shows that the race is EVEN, despite the fact that Lamb is being outspent by Saccone, who has received substantial financial support from Republican PACs. Also, visit and like Lamb's FB page. And while you're there, like and add positive comments to posts you see there. 
We are asking for a team Captain to lead the charge for Lamb.

Voting for the Adopt-A-Candidate Program  will be live and FOUR Adopted Candidates and/or regions will be announced both online and at MFM’s next meeting in April, date and location to be decided.

Group was encouraged to JOIN on and share the word.  With FOUR final campaigns execution teams and team Captain leadership is essential.

Thank you to all who attended and who are “marching forward” in these uncertain times.  

Pattie Garrahy Robertson