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Our position, and ‘our’ candidate, Andy Kim's position on impeachment

I have spent my career in service to the American people. I’ve sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution three times in my life, which is why it’s with a heavy heart that I make this announcement.

I believe the Commander in Chief role is the most sacred responsibility of the Presidency, and it is the last place where partisan politics belongs. 

We hold this highest of standards because we know the incredible power of that singular office. It is a power that has the potential for doing incredible good, but if corrupted, it weakens America’s national security, international standing and the framework of our very Democracy.   

President Trump has violated that sacred trust by urging the Ukranian government to take action against his political opposition. If reports of these dangerous and unconstitutional actions are confirmed, it would show a complete disregard for our Democratic institutions and the responsibilities inherent in being our Commander-in-Chief. This act, along with its ramifications, has led me to conclude that the President has committed an impeachable offense.

I will continue to work to ensure the values of our Constitution are upheld and the truth is fairly pursued.



Notes from our Virginia Election Planning

Thank you to everyone who attended our Virginia Election Planning meeting. We had a great turnout!

As a group, we decided to follow the advice of Virginia Democrat groups and individuals we reached out to and target two important races: Sheila Bynum-Coleman in HD 66 and Clinton Jenkins in HD 76.

Sheila is running against the Speaker of the VA House and Clinton is running against the Chair of the Appropriations Committee. Post-carding will be done for those two races. Group post-carding will be done every Thursday evening from now until the election Nov. 5. Please reply to strength@marchingforwardmass.com if you want your name added to the list for participation. It is not necessary to commit to every session, just come as often as you like! Every little bit helps!

Donations to Virginia candidates will be up to individual members of Marching Forward who have been directed to the roster provided online by NOPE and 31st Street Swing Left. Here is the link to NOPE’s Virginia Democratic Dozen -https://secure.actblue.com/donate/nope4vadems2019 - or you can donate directly to any of the candidates listed here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/16SbNJ47oxrfy1ixCUpa0EWpXsVtOWeHZ/view

There is a small group from Marching Forward traveling to canvass in Virginia. Vic Mailey will probably be organizing that but it won’t be determined until he gets back from vacation next week. There is a feeling that the districts we are targeting are geographically too far to travel so Vic will be looking into districts closer to Northern VA.

Pattie informed the group that we are anticipating a 2020 kick-off meeting at the end of October or beginning of November. We’ll post details of the kick-off meeting as soon as they are finalized.