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About our Health Care Huddle Group

Healthcare Touches Everyone

Healthcare touches everyone. The current administration’s attempted destruction of healthcare, ACA, as we now know it was just plain wrong.  The tsunami of citizen phone calls to members of Congress helped stop the dismantling of the ACA.  Democracy worked in this instance.  The ACA is a success not a disaster.  The parts that are not working right, from a cost or coverage angle, need to be addressed and fixed.  That could be done if Congress wanted it done.  It took more than a few changes to get Social Security right back in its creation.  We feel strongly that full coverage of all citizens, like all other industrialized countries (except South Africa) have is an essential goal.  We can, indeed, make healthcare better and less expensive.  But it must be for all.

Women’s Health is a special target

Women’s Health is a special target.  Pregnancy, birth control, labor and delivery care and pregnancy termination have at various points been selected as options not needed in an insurance plan.  Lower income women are often put under the most severe restrictions through control of Medicaid or Title X expenditures from the Federal government.  This will remain a target of the Right. Limiting this coverage will initiate a Wall of Resistance from Progressives.

Our Health Care Huddle Group’s Focus

Our Health Care Huddle Group has met once in person (as of 4.1.17).  It a is large, passionate group willing to stand up or sit down and resist changing the Affordable Care Act.  If changing it takes people out of insurance or reduces what is covered, it simply must be stopped.  Improving it is a goal.  We will keep you up to date with:

·      Action needed to protect health care for all

·      Action needed to specifically protect women’s healthcare rights

·      Clarifying the complexities of what is going on in healthcare legislation and the status of bill in MA State House and in Congress

·      Current literature on the organization of healthcare, the public health impacts, the pharma issues.  Sort of a news review.

It is going to take an active team, all pulling the wagon, to get to our goals for this vital and volatile political and social arena.

Carole Ferguson