Healthcare and Women's Reproductive Rights

LETTER TO Rep. William Keating REGARDING affordable health care - 10/30/2017

Dear Congressman Keating,
Mike Jackman graciously met with Marching Forward’s Healthcare Huddle last night, October 26th to discuss our positions on healthcare and ask how we can be useful to you in creating a better healthcare system. Mike mentioned H. R. 3748, of which you are a co-sponsor. Although lowering the Medicaid age to 50 is a good step, it does not address cost or universal coverage. Of course, the most obvious thing to do is just expand Congressional health plan to all of our citizens since it is so well established and so well received.

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We are working locally and nationally to ensure the Affordable Care Act continues and improves with the goal of healthcare for all residents of the United States.

Our mission is:

  • To create a resource list of existing health care groups working in support of our shared concerns;
  • To create alliances with appropriate groups;
  • To create a current list of healthcare literature;
  • To resist any diminution of women's health care coverage or benefits;
  • To broadcast our support and plans for action with the goal of preserving and improving healthcare for all;
  • To consider preservation of the current healthcare coverage as a step toward the cost efficient and comprehensive model of universal, single payer healthcare;
  • To create a quick response structure for any imminent threats to our areas of concern.

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Neither KHN nor the Kaiser Family Foundation is affiliated with the health insurance company Kaiser Permanente.

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