New Jersey District 3

Visit Congressman Andy Kim’s U.S. House website:

Visit Congressman Andy Kim’s U.S. House website:


Andy Kim is the Democratic Candidate for NJ 03 

 He faces Republican incumbent Tom MacArthur.  Kim is gaining strong support in his district, and around the country.  And he's earned the endorsement of Barak Obama, and many others.

Please join the team supporting Andy Kim and Democrats in NJ3!  They plan on site canvassing the weekend before the election, and welcome all to join them. Any questions for Team Kim, or their travel plans, use the email below.

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Andy Kim Statement:
"My father was raised in an orphanage.  He suffered as a baby from Polio and spent much of his childhood homeless on the streets.  My mother grew up in a poor farm community that experienced famine and hunger.  My father went on to become an extraordinary Ph.D. scientist who dedicated his life to trying to cure Cancer and Alzheimer’s.  My mother became a nurse and helped thousands of people in South Jersey.

My parents chose to raise me and my sister in South Jersey because they believed the top notch public school system would give us opportunities to succeed.  I did my entire Kindergarten through 12 in the public schools here, and that education helped me become a Rhodes Scholar and a leading national security expert.

New Jersey gave my family the opportunity to achieve the American dream, but now I worry those same opportunities won’t be there for my two baby boys who I’m raising here just a few miles from where I grew up.  I worry that the community that gave me everything isn’t getting the support it deserves.  I’m fighting for my family, for my neighbors, for the community that raised me, and for the state that gave me the American dream.

Duty to Serve

There is nothing I’d rather do than serve my country.  I believe that service isn’t just a job, it is a way of life.  I dedicated my entire career to serving the American people.  I worked at the White House on countering terrorism and protecting our country, advised the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon on national security, and I served in Afghanistan as a strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen.  When I served in Afghanistan, no one asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican.  We all worked together focused on the mission of keeping our nation safe.  I worked under both Democratic and Republican Administrations and I have and always will put the nation and the American people above partisan politics."


Adopted Candidate Andy Kim Gets a Warm MFM Welcome


On June 18, MFM adopted Congressional candidate Andy Kim (New Jersey, District 3) received an enthusiastic welcome at a special breakfast meeting in Dartmouth.  Andy shared his story, his passion for public service, and his policy ideas.


Why is he running?

A year ago, when his wife was pregnant with their second child, a routine ultrasound exam showed that the fetus was significantly underweight.  They were told the situation was critical and they should prepare for the worst. Over the next difficult months, they saw specialists and did whatever they could to increase the child’s weight. 

During that anxious time, Andy’s coping mechanism was to become numb in front of TV.  One day, the news reported that Tom MacArthur, the incumbent Republican congressman for District 3, had proposed an amendment to the Trump health plan that would cut preexisting conditions coverage and reduce essential benefits… but exempt members of Congress! 


Andy felt he had to do something.  He and his wife decided that if their unborn child was healthy, Andy would run.  The little boy is fine, and in fact at 11 months old, is a bit chubby!

When the decision was made, his wife had one stipulation: “The moment this becomes about your ego and your ambition, it’s over!” She is the family’s sole breadwinner in addition to managing two boys while Andy travels.  By the time of the election, Andy will have had no salary for two years.

Quotes & Other Facts

·         Andy: “The last place for partisan politics is in national security.”


·         Andy: “Climate change is a national security issue.”  District 3 was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

·         Andy was surprised when contributions from Massachusetts and other states came in five months before the election.   “This is not normal….but we are not living in normal times!”


·         The Kim campaign now has 1,200 volunteers and has raised between 1.6 and 1.7 million dollars from people in all 50 states.

·         If elected Andy would be the first Korean American in Congress.

·         Andy is the son of immigrants, and feels grateful that America and New Jersey district 3 gave his family a chance.  His father eventually earned a PhD in genetics and later taught at Harvard and MIT, doing research on cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Andy’s mother became a nurse and has worked in the district for years.

His Background

Andy is a national security expert who served in both the Obama and Bush administrations.  He was Iraq Director on Obama’s National Security Council.  Previously, he was in Afghanistan working with David Petraeus and John Allen.  Andy was a Rhodes Scholar and has a PhD in international relations from Oxford University, as well as a BS in political science from University of Chicago. 

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