Maine District 2


Maine District 2

Please join the team for Maine 02!  We promise some fun, some work (as much as you choose), and lots of comaraderie!

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Jared Golden is the Democratic candidate for ME 02.

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Jared Golden, ex-Marine and ex-Senate staffer and state rep from Lewiston, is now our standard bearer running in Maine 02 against GOP congressman Bruce Poliquin. Ranked Choice Voting decided the outcome, with votes from the last place candidate raising Jared from 49 to 54 percent.

Jared has gotten gracious and enthusiastic support from his opponents. Both Lucas St. Clair and Craig Olson have vowed active co-operation to defeat Poliquin in November.

Throughout this primary campaign, Jared has been unwavering in pushing progressive goals. He wants to re-write the regressive GOP tax bill; he wants health care treated as a right, not a privilege; he urges fixes for the ACA, while working toward universal health care like Medicare for All.

Jared wants renewable energy projects expanded in Maine while blocking fossil fuel projects. He is a strong backer of trade unions and an opponent of offshore drilling.

So, now, we're off and running. Canvassing and phone-calling has begun in Maine. We are lining up our own involvement in the second district. 

To get involved, contact Bess Coughlin or Vic Mailey at: 

Learn more about Jared Golden:

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June 12 marks the end of the Democratic primary campaign in Maine 02 with statewide elections.
The ME02 field is down to three--one dropping out for personal reasons.  Debates and public forums continue with all three still enunciating good, progressive goals and plans.

The GOP incumbent in ME02, Bruce Poliquin, has continued his streak of nastiness by voting to cut $5 billion from CHIP funding.

The district is a true swing district, with Democratic representation most of the past 30 years. Any of the three Democratic  candidates (Jared Golden,
Craig Olson, Lucas St.Clair) will do well against Poliquin in the general election.  There is no given outcome.  The district did give its one electoral vote to Donald Trump in 2016.

Seven of us met April 24 at Carole Ferguson's house to chat about the amount of time and energy we can each put in to the campaign.  We plan on taking on a variety of tasks from postcards and fundraising here in Dartmouth to days and weeks in the field in Maine

We have been in touch with the Maine Democratic Party and have been given a warm welcome.  On June 13, we will contact the winning primary candidate to offer our services and to plan our involvement in the late summer and fall.

All recruits to the ME02 team are welcome!   No level of interest or time available or willingness to travel can be too large or too small.

Contacts are Bess Coughlin and Victor Mailey.

Please join the team for Maine 02!  We promise some fun, some work (as much as you choose), and lots of comaraderie! Email us: